The Great Dessert Debate

After a heated team lunch yesterday someone, aghast at my ordering of the panna cotta, declared that it was a poor man’s creme brulee and nobody in their right mind would order panna cotta above creme brelee.

In fact nobody should ever order panna cotta at all.

I disagreed.

What say ye?

I say, what’s panna cotta?

Never heard of panna cotta, so probably wouldn’t order it.

It’s a kind of dessert that people eat when there isn’t any real dessert available.

I’ll take panna cotta over creme brulee any day of the week. Creme brulee is just too over the top for me - too heavy, too rich, often made badly. Panna cotta: light, fluffy, delicious, and also often made badly. But good panna cotta wins over good creme brulee all the time.

I didn’t vote because there wasn’t a 50-50 split option. I like both about equally, it depends entirely on who made them, what’s in them besides vanilla, and what dishes they follow.

Although I’d argue that the crème equivalent of a panna cotta is a crème caramel, not brûlée.

and the crème don’t have gelatin.

Did you enjoy the Panna Cotta?

Then it’s your thing; do what you want to do.

I can’t stand people like your coworker, who toss about lofty opinions like that, as if they were the absolute last say in other people’s tastes.

I should have had a 50/50 split. For some reason hadn’t thought of that.

His opinion of creme caramel is much the same as of panna cotta.
Maybe it’s gelatin based dairy desserts he hates?

I very much enjoy a creme caramel though.

I enjoyed it very much. It was an espresso flavoured one which I have never had before.

He can be somewhat prescriptive and dogmatic in his opinions. He seemed to genuinely disbelieve me when I said I enjoyed it :rolleyes:

I would choose the creme brulee, but only if I lived in a world without chocolate, ice cream, pastries, cheesecake, pie, cookies, or fruit.