The Great Gatsby trailer
I love the book so I am gonna be wary of any attempt to make a movie of it
but I watched the trailer and I am still holding out hope. Your thoughts?

From the trailer, it looks gorgeous and I would certainly go see it.
Besides, I thought Moulin Rouge was a good film, and I can see him directing this film in that same wild, over-the-top manner.
Plus, Leo is usually pretty good in films, and Toby has done some good work, so as mentioned, I’ll buy a ticket when it opens!

It looks pretty. But then, so did Australia.

I love the book as well. This looks better than I expected…we may be better off if it’s something stylized and different from the book, rather than an attempt at faithful replication.

3D Gatsby? Sigh.

I love the version with Robert Redford, Mia Farrow and Sam Waterston. That one was much more low key than this one seems. One of my favorite scenes in that version is the slow motion tossing of the shirts in Gatsby’s closet (it is slow-mo, right? I’m not misremembering?) In this trailer it looks like he’s just hurling shirts at Daisy!

Yikes, this looks bad. I havent liked anything he has done before and this is another garish eye sore. Leo as Gatsby makes sense though. I dont think anybody can do the book justice, but i might pick a more measured director. PT Anderson or even Scorsese. Both have chronicled “The American Dream” in their work and this is the ultimate statement.

The music in the trailer was an instant turn off for me. I like Luhrmann. Really I do but this doesn’t look like what I would expect from a movie called The Great Gatsby.

I tend to enjoy Baz Lurhmann’s movies, but the only book I hated more than The Great Gatsby in school was The Scarlet Letter.

Sure looks pretty, though.

The music was wrong for the subject. Leo looked like he had Gatsby perfect. Which will make the music a lot more offensive. The music of the era would have been much better. The Great Gatsby was the quintessential Jazz Age novel. Why not jazz?

It looks fantastic - and it’s proper 3D, not a dodgy conversion.

I haven’t read the book in about twenty years; very much looking forward to this.

I’ve hear quite a few people complain about the music. It’s just a trailer, there is slim to no chance of those two songs being in the actual movie. Do people really think they’re going to show people partying to Kanye West? Please. Anyways, I’m very excited for this movie. It seems a lot more adult and gritty than the previous film adaptation. It just looks like a lot more effort was put into this film.

You’re obviously not familiar with the works of Baz Luhrmann.

It looks to me as if it will be a luscious, fun movie to watch. I’m sure I will see it at some point, maybe even in a theatre. I suspect I will be happiest if I judge it strictly on it’s own merits, as a separate entity from the book that I love. Embracing the Baz Luhrmanness of it rather than worrying about its faithfulness to the text will help.

As long as there’s a T. J. Eckleburg sign, and some pretty flapper dresses I’ll be happy.

From the opening seconds of that trailer, I thought, “This looks like a Baz Lurhmann film!” It does look a lot more hectic than I remember the book being.

I was kind of hoping this would turn out being directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Vincent Chase…

It’s been 10 years since I read the book, and I didn’t understand it very well at the time. Maybe watching the movie will make me wanna pick the book back up.

Movie got bumped to next summer:

Good news or bad for the film?

Yeah I am pretty mad about moving the date back. I was really looking forward to it. Now I have nothing to do on Christmas. I guess I’ll have to watch the Lincoln movie instead

Sounds like they expect it’ll draw a bigger crowd in summer than during the winter. Sounds like a pure business decision, and not a “holy crap, we need to fix this shit before we embarrass ourselves in front of audiences” decision.

I’m pretty excited.