The Great Library At Alexandria Burns Again!~

:eek: :eek: :eek:

That SUCKS! I’m still mad about it burning down the FIRST time (Bloody Romans!). At least the whole thing didn’t burn down, just some administrative offices.

I was going to be majorly pissed if I missed out on seeing another one, dammit.

TeleTronOne: wasn’t it “bloody fanatical Christians”?

Right. Right. Terrific race, the Romans. Terrific.

Exactly - the facts should never get in the way of a python reference. But wasn’t it Julius Caesar who was ultimately responsible for the burning of the original library? Although I think it’s one of those things where everyone around at the time tried to blame everyone else.

I think he’s quoted as saying “Let it burn” along with some reference to the uselessness of it–or something to that effect. If not directly responsible, I get the impression that he still bears culpability for failing to act. A pretty egregious offense, IMO. You’d have to be a real putz to not fight to save the world’s greatest library with the same vigor that you use to crush the Gauls.

Let’s be honest: the guy was a piece of shit. It’s interesting to read Machiavelli’s comparison of Caesar with real statesmen. He doesn’t come off too good.

Oh, god! Nooooooooooooo! The books! Oh god the beautiful helpless reference materials! Won’t someone please think of the microfiche!?!?!
I was traumatized by the first time it burned down! cringe

What, just some offices? Oh. That’s okay then. phew