The great outdoor games suck.

(not even of a rant, and inspired by a TV show so I guess it goes here).

Because they make me miss having a good fun dog. :frowning:

The dog show shows don’t have the effect, because who want’s a prissy high maintenence dog that thinks it’s better than me. Those arn’t dogs, they are spoiled brat’s with extra fur. My kind of dog is the kind that would give those Westminster snobs a swirly and and a wedgie. Besides most of them obviously have a good proportion ancesters from rodentia.

But the dogs at the GOG are perfect. Fun, happy dogs who just want to play in the water and the mud. That’s the kind of dog I miss. Unfortunately with my schedule it would be fair to a good fun dog to have it locked up 12 hours a day, and more often then not on weekends too.

But watching GOG, it just makes me want to run to the pound and get a new pup, which I know I just can’t.