The Great Turtle Escape

Turtles flee farm in Chattooga County

Thousands of them. :eek::eek:

No video is available, must’ve stacked up and had the eastern painted paint out the security cameras.:slight_smile:

According to the article, in China turtles are raised for food like chickens.

This reminds me of my favorite fact learned from watching QI :
When Darwin returned from his famous voyage to the Galapagos , he took many newly-discovered species of animals back with him. But the only ones which were didn’t make it all the way back to England were the giant turtles.

Because …
… the crew of the ship ate them.

All I could think was that the man doesn’t make a lot of effort to check his stock on any kind of a regular basis.

And now I want to see Aardman Animation make a claymation movie about this.

They also import them in nontrivial quantities from US farmers, and not just from Mr. Driver. An old friend back in Louisiana has a turtle farm, and most of his business is with Chinese distributors. (As far as I know, he doesn’t sell to pet operations at all.)

My wife and I went to SFO years ago, and while in Chinatown, I was taking pictures of the stores and sights. We came to a market selling octopus, fish, and all types of sea creatures. They also had a bowl of turtles. Cute baby turtles, just like I had growing up, with the little pondand the palm tree.

My wife pointed out that there were no ***other ***pets displayed here…:eek:
Nooooo! Somebody save the wee turtles!

Drizzle, Drazzle, Druzzle, Drome

I wonder if any of them will become ‘invasive species’.

Yes, but it will take years… and years… and years

This reminded me of that line from The Simpsons: “They’re getting away! Very…slowly.”

Not unless they already were, since his stock was from locally caught turtles.

I’m afraid to ask: how does one cook and eat something that small? The shell-to-meat ratio seems … suboptimal, at best.

mmmm…yellow-bellied sliders.:eek:

In the states, at least, turtle soup is one of the most common ways to eat 'em. But with turtles that small, I wonder if they’re not intended to take home, feed scraps, and eat them next year.

Feel free to look up “soft shell turtle recipes”.