The Great White Dope: White supremacist gets a beatdown

I’ll just state upfront this is more of a “let’s make fun of this guy for being an ignorant ass” thread than a real pitting, but I feel he’s deserving of the snark and vitriol that’s usually found in this forum.

Anyway here’s the story:
Skinhead picks fight with boxing champ and loses**


Instant Karma - just add stupid.

His mugshot is hilarious, what with the tissue stuck up his nose.

And the punchline is after being released from the hospital for facial fractures he was booked into jail for malicious harassment.

When I saw the picture of this guy I thought it looked like he got off awfully easy had he actually been clocked by a boxing champion. It turns out that apparently it was just a T-shirt, he isn’t a boxer or affiliated with the boxing club on his T-Shirt.

I loved these two comments on the blog:

Instantly, a reply leapt to mind: “Looks like he found him.”

The proper punishment for “The Great White Dope” would be to have his mug shot permanently tattooed on his forehead and each cheek. That might discourage others.

I love “got what they had coming to them” stories.

God damn. There are white supremacists younger than me? How? Didn’t we stop making those things?

I’ma go take a muscle relaxer.


Anything that makes me smile that wide is a Good Thing.

Hope the ignorant asshole gets hit by a meteor and dies.

That’s just what I was thinking. Fortunately, I’m already drunk. :smack:

Instant karma indeed. It’s too bad gangs can’t get that sort of karma. Instead they jump those of another color not one on one but gang on one and get lauded in rap songs and it becomes ingrained in the less intelligent that they are tough for doing so rather than quite obviously chickenshit. As bad is this dick was it was one on one.

I’m glad he got what he deserved, I just wish everyone did.

They do?

How’s the nose Scratch lll? Feeling better I hope?

So I’m the racist for recognizing the nature of ALL gangs? Nice. Perhaps I should have added the qualifier SOME rap songs but I figured it obvious. Nice insinuation. Good job. Hows YOUR nose Simplicio?


You were doing fine until you dogwhistled with “rap songs”. Not a lot of White, Latino, or Chinese rap songs, but there are plenty of racial gangs associated with all three.

I suppose you get a pass for the Russians, since they have gangster rap now.

Sure I could have said I hate the romaticization of gangs in popular culture which is true. I dislike the mob and the cool factor which media pins on them as they are just heartless criminals worthy of nothing but disgust, however the thug life culture and popularization of it is doing the worst most widespread damage to low income communities and I suppose I just don’t understand the glorification of damage. I want those communities to do well and that starts with culture.

Can you imagine if the KKK were promoted through music and had a cool cache’? It’s had a time when it was through movies and southern culture and it was damn wrong. The time to point out something isn’t right isn’t after it’s popularity is past. I’m glad nerdcore has a rap element but I just don’t see it catching on in some neighborhoods. I hope I’m wrong. But yeah gangsta rap is just a refection of what is going on in the hood… and a feedback loop.

And if the whistle brings a dog that’s cool.

You are correct, Sir. I should have said knee for the sudden kneejerk.

I can’t say if you ARE a racist, but when a story about a black man defending himself from an unprovoked assault by a white supremacist immediately triggers a rant about gangs and rap music, despite the fact that neither gangs nor rap music have anything to do with the story, it sure as shit makes you LOOK like a racist.

And I don’t care what it makes me LOOK like. I know what I am. Look, if you read the other things I said in the same post you can see that I’m glad this assault was one on one and he (the racist) got what he had coming. Exactly how many attaboys do you need?

I’m damn glad the idiot couldn’t find a few more idiots to gang up on the man. It would be nice if that were true in all instances.