The greatest rock and roll singer

I just saw Ronnie Spector last night and she was absolutely fantastic, better than I might ever have anticipated. Who is the best rock and roll singer you have ever seen in person? By Rock and Roll I am hoping to limit the range to those who might have started their careers prior to 1970 or have been obviously and strongly influenced by those who have. If there is a better way to describe R & R, other than I know it when I hear it, please describe.

Never saw in person, but the answer is Freddie Mercury. Everyone else is competing for the #2 spot.

I had a feeling this would not work. First of all, the idea is to identify someone you saw, not see who has the best reputation. Second I disagree that Freddie mercury sang R & R. but I guess that is where the debates would begin.

Pretty rock n roll. It’s not like I don’t regret buying tickets.

Ian Gillan is by far the best R&R singer I ever saw and I’ve seen many.

Do you want examples of performers who are only vocalists in their respective bands (e.g. Roger Daltry-The Who, Mick Jagger-Rolling Stones, Robert Plant-Led Zeppelin) or would someone who plays an instrument in addition to singing also be eligible for the title?

Either way, Van Morrison has both a voice and a unique vocal style that are legendary, with both his fans and his musical peers alike…

:: pulls up chair, grabs popcorn::

This may be interesting.

Again, I am having trouble. Yes it’s a good song. Yes. I would call that particular song R & R. I don’t think of Freddy as a R & R singer and that one example has not forced me to change my mind. Also, “it’s not like I don’t regret buying tickets” is a little hard to decipher. I assume you are voting for Freddy.

Depends on Genra of Rock n Roll you mean…

To name a few…

Before 70’s:
(never seen)

Rodger Daltry
Robert Plant


Rob Halford
Sammy Hagar
Dee Snyder
Blackie Lawless
Pat Benetar
Steve Perry

I, apparently am the only person who distinguishes among Rock, Classic Rock and Rock & Roll. However I am more than willing to concede that Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, Mick Jagger et al are Rock & Roll singers. Freddy Mercury and Ian Gillian are (IMHO) not.

So far, not interesting - just someone setting their own rules about what is “rock” and expecting others to blindly accept them. Have fun.

Ronnie Spector is terrific, but I favor Darlene Love above her. For best though, I pick Elvis Presley. I didn’t like his music as much as I appreciated his voice. He was he was fat, stoned and not paying attention when I saw him. But when he was cooking on all burners, he had a great voice that could cover many different styles.

Meatloaf can kick ass on a good night too.

He didn’t ask for “rock” singers. He asked for Rock & Roll. The difference is as large as between grunge and britpop or dixieland and bop. As I’ve said in previous posts, the dividing line falls somewhere around 1966.

That said, the OP has some restrictions that are difficult to meet and distinctions haven’t been clearly spelled out. I feel that this will be a contentious and short thread.

We’re good on the fact that there’s a diff b/t rock 'n roll and rock - in this case, the latter part of your post is my basic point here…

Roy Orbison [end thread].

Gotta admit. It terms of technical ability (and those I’ve seen) Roy Orbison would be right up there. He really had some pipes.

Though Chuck Berry is a hilariously entertaining rock and roll singer and should be up there. Technically he’s nothing special at all…but he brings joy to it.

If you think he lights up when playing onstage, you should see his face when he gets a hold of a new batch of photos featuring 12 & 13 year-old girls pissing and shitting on the toilet!!!

Howard Kaylan. Saw him with the Turtles in '68, and with the Flo And Eddie band (after the Zappa years) in '72.

That was exactly what I came up with. I love Queen but it’s no where near my favorite band but there’s no question in my mind that Freddie Mercury was THE rock god.

Wait, so do Paul Rodgers and Robert Plant count, or are they “classic rock” or blues or something?