The Green Berets

Their berets look black to me. So why are they called the Green Berets?

Sure you weren’t looking at Army Rangers? Rangers wear black berets, and Special Forces wear green berets. I believe paratroopers wear maroon.


The whole Army will now have black berets thanks to Gen. Shishenski. Apparently this will improve morale more than quality living conditions, and will make others feel better about themselves. After all, self esteem is more important. The Rangers will now have tan berets.

Jman, that makes sense. I was probably looking at Rangers mis-labeled as Special Forces.

I believe the Rangers are under Special Operations Comand (Or something like that). In which case, they would be A special force along with the SEALs and Delta Force and so on…any others?

But still, the unit designation Special Forces” refers specifically to the outfit that wears the green beret.

Yes, my brother just got out of Boot and Jump (winning both Soldier of the Cycle for Boot and something like Rigger of the Cycle for Jump)this last summer and his is inscenced at this business of putting everyone in berets. I agree. Let the elite troops feel elite, and they’ll be more likely to kick more butt, which is their whole point.

Another friend got out of the Rangers and tried for the SF because of the professional attitude the GBs had, seeing as how they were to lead local resistance groups and be representatives of the USA incountry, and the Rangers pretty much ran around and blew stuff up, making for a more “yahooo!” and infantile attitude. YMMV.