The Green Mile - you cry?

I just finished watching The Green Mile last night. I had seen the first 1/3 about 6 years ago, something came up, and I never got around to finishing it.

WOW! I’m glad I did. I’m a huge Stephen King fan, but I didn’t know he could play my emotions like that. (Yes I know he didn’t make the film, but the book which I will now read!)

Now as a guy who has NEARLY never cried from a movie, the only exception I can think of is Pearl Harbor during the bombing (and I think a lot of that was thinking about my grandfather). In the scene where Jon goes to the wife with the tumor and saves her I started sobbing and streaming tears. This happened intermittently for the rest of the movie. I am NOT Christian, but do have a blind sort of faith, if that helps any.

What was your reaction? I think it was a beautiful film.

I can’t remember if I cried or not during the movie … probably so, because I’ve cried at many movies that were less emotionally wrenching than The Green Mile.

I DO remember laughing out loud at one point, though, and it’s a scene that’s not in the book (at least not exactly).

When Wild Bill is brought onto the Mile, and Paul (Tom Hanks) gets rammed in the cojones during the struggle, he manages to keep it together. But once he gets everyone squared away and is alone, he sinks to the floor in agony … because, of course, he was already in pain from the urinary tract infection.

Then, from out of the background, comes John Coffey’s voice: “Boss … I gots to speak with you now, Boss.”

And without moving, his voice muffled because his face is mashed against the floor, Hanks says, “Now is not a good time, John Coffey. Now is not a good time AT ALL.”

I don’t remember if I cried. I went to see that when my father was dying of lung cancer, about two weeks from his death. Not a good time, John Coffey. Not a good time AT ALL.


No. But the last time I cried at a movie was 1982 at ET when I was 8. For reference, the last time I cried at all was 1986 when I was being spanked (also the last time) for stealing money out of my mom’s clothes while she was taking a bath so I could go play Super Mario Bros. at the grocery store.

I just don’t cry. That isn’t to say I can’t be touched or saddened or otherwise moved by a by a movie. And Green Mile didn’t do that for me either so if I were a crier, I doubt I’d have cried for Green Mile.

My late husband and I saw it before his Dx. After he died, the movie made me cry. It still can.

It didn’t make me cry, but the pissing razor blades part made me cross my legs.

Well, several Stephen King movies are real tearjerkers:

  • The Shawshank Redemption: I’ve seen this almost 20 times and I cry EVERY TIME.

  • Stand By Me: Always worth a tear. I’m welling up right now typing this.

  • OK, not several, but two. Can’t call Misery a tearjerker but definitely a grimacer.

I think the only movie that’s ever really made me cry was “Pay It Forward”. The ending just kills me every time.

Yeah, I cried at “The Green Mile.” And I can’t watch the scene where Percy stomps on Mr. Jingles. Even though I’ve seen the movie many times and know what’s going to happen, I still can’t watch that.

I don’t cry at movies. For some reason, I cried during Armageddon. I’m sure I cried more when I was a little kid, but my mom was taking me to R rated movies when I was 10 and probably before that. She didn’t have a baby sitter so she took me along. I don’t remember much of Sleeping With the Enemy but I vividly recall cowering behind my coat with my older sister. The parts of that movie I saw were really scary.

don’t remember the Green Mile doing it for me but plenty of movies have. The Spitfire Grill, With Honors, Steel Magnolias.

I got a little misty watching K-pax the 2nd time. Something about how the main character was able to cure the people around him in the mental hospital got to me. Kind of a happy feeling like when you see a child walking for the first time.

I found The Green Mile to be too shamelessly manipulative to cry at. Didn’t affect me. I occasionally cry if I get pulled into the movie; I cried during the last movie I saw in theaters (All Is Lost). I wonder if seeing something in a theater or not affects how likely people are to cry; I think I’m more likely to cry in a theater, though I did see TGM in a theater.

WATCH the movie??? Not just no but HELL, NO! I barely got through the book, crying like a baby. There is no way I could watch it. I hated King (my favorite author) for a while after that…

Same reason I loathe and detest with every fiber of my being, ‘Eight Below.’ The Divemaster turned it on one day - and I went for a drive. :mad::mad::mad::mad:

That film should be wiped from the human consciousness and the memory sown with salt.

The speech Coffey gives when Paul asks him if he wants to die is the best tearjerker in history. Coffey says he does cause he’s sick of hearing all the hatred people have, being like razor blades in his head.

I’m such a wuss when it comes to movies like this. I don’t always necessarily tear up, but I do get that lump in my throat. Even at overly sappy shows like Little House on The Prairie. :o

I didn’t vote because I don’t remember. I don’t cry as in sob but I do tear up. I’m more likely to tear up from a movie than from real life. So I probably did.

I do sometimes cry over movies, even scenes that aren’t sad (i.e. Dumbledore’s speech about standing up to friends in the first Harry Potter book & movie, yes both) but nothing in this movie made me teary.