The guns I wish they'd make...

  1. A.22lr version of the Keltec P-32. Even the cheapest hardball .32 ammo is too expensive to permit the degree of practice a gun this small demands.

  2. A .32 acp or .32 HR Mag version of NAA’s .22 Magnum minirevolver. It would require scaling the piece up somewhat, I know, but it would be cool to have a well-made contemporary version of the 19th century suicide special.

  3. The Whitney Wolverine. This outfit claims to be bringing it back. So has Olympic Arms for several years. I’d like to see someone actually do it.

Me, I’d love to see a Browning Hi-Power in .45ACP. 9mm isn’t much of a cartridge in my opinion & the .40 S&W is too expensive.

By the way, if you’re interested in firearms oddities through the entire history of small arms, try to find a copy of this old out-of-print book:

Firearms Curiosa by Lewis Winant.

I’d settle for a 410 shell from a pistol, preferably a 3 shot revolver, regardless of make or model.

How about a two-shot ? These are modern production and not particularly costly. A buddy picked one up at a gun show for just over $100.

I’m still trying to find where I can buy one of those old Soviet semi-auto .410 shotguns based on the AK action.

Saiga .410 for sale. They turn up on the auction sites with great regularity.

Great. You found guns for everybody but me, Scumpup. Tanks fer nuttin’, man.

I wish they still made the H&R Sidekick 9-shot .22. That was a nice little plinker.

A defunct Canadian company called “North American Arms” (no relation to the present US company) made a very small number of .45 High Powers in the arly 1950’s w/ the idea of Canada adopting it as official military issue. The piece wan’t chosen as issue and the company folded. There are a tiny few of their guns out there but they sell for many $1000s. Figure on paying as much for one as you might for a luxury condo. IIRC the gun was called an “Arcus” (no relation to the present Hungarian High Power clone).

I wish they’d make the Glock 7, a porcelain gun that doesn’t show up on metal detectors.

Thanks! I’d forgotten about auctionarms. I haven’t been to that site in years! I would have sworn I’d seen that a LOT cheaper in Sportsman’s Guide or one of the other catalogs a couple years back.

Why don’t they make any more duck’s foot style guns anymore? That’d be awesome…5 barrels pointing every-which-way, all going off at once. You could kill 5 home-invaders with one shot.

Heck, I’d like to have one of marshmallow shooters!

Taurus makes a 5-shot revolver that will accept .410 shotgun shells. :cool:

Go to this page:

And check out these models:


Wow, really? Guess I better start saving my nickels. Or just buy the 40 S&W.

In other gun news which has not a thing to do with this thread, my dad just bought himself a beautiful Winchester Model 21 the other day. Got a 20 Ga. in skeet/skeet nearly unfired. Thinks it was assembled in 1950, or '51. Making inquiries of the Cody firearms museum.

I have the HP in .40 S&W. Damn fine piece, and my wife can handle it better than the 70 Series Colt .45 ACP. So it’s her bedside drawer companion.

Slight hijack - How are the baby shotguns not illegal? I thought a shotgun needed an 18 inch barrel to be possessed. Is that wrong, or is there an exception for the .410?


Yippie Kie Yay, Mother Fucker! :smiley:
Since we’re in the realm of fictional guns now, I want a Point Of View Gun like the one in the '05 movie version of HHGttG.

The .410 derringers and revolvers get around the law by not being smoothbore. Instead, they have a rifling twist that is very long so that they will perform acceptably with shot shells. The downside is that they don’t do a wonderful job of stabilizing the bullets from the .45 Colt cartridge which they will also chamber and fire.

Duck’s Foot Pistol Kit.