"The guy upstairs" looking out for Americans

On the front page of The Plain Dealer newspaper (Cleveland, Ohio):

“Survivor says holiday miracle was no accident”

A man was in an accident where his vehicle was hit and he went over the railing of the bridge and landed on its wheels in the snow-covered median of another highway. He had some injuries, but didn’t even spend the night in the hospital. “…the accident occurred on Christmas, a holiday that the faithful say is based on a miracle” The policeman “won’t discount the possibility that a ‘higher power’ intervened.” The man in the accident said, “I’m very lucky. The guy upstairs was looking out for me.”

Also on the front page: The story about the “waves of devastation” that left at least 12,000 dead (Monday morning’s paper).

I guess “the guy upstairs” wasn’t so concerned about the thousands and thousands of people killed in the tidal wave natural disaster.

This reminds me of two other weird juxtapositions:

Remember when all those Marines were killed in Lebanon by a suicide truck-bomber? I was watching this story being reported on the local news. The newscaster (a woman) then said, “And even worse, Jessica Savitch was killed in a car accident!”

Even worse? How was one person dying in a car accident worse than 241 Marines and other service men being killed?

The other one: The Union Carbide poison gas leak in Bhopal, India where half a million people were exposed to it. The reporter then said, “Could it happen here?”

Nothing like being in the U.S.A. to put lifes tragedies in perspective.

Just to try to be a little bit fair: I bet that the news media in, say, Australia mention how many Australians are involved in any particular tragedy, right? It’s to be expected that one of the first thoughts anyone has is whether someone they know is involved; for example, if you’re Italian and your brother is in the area of the nasty happening, you’d probably like to hear that no Italians were injured, right?

As far as the “miracle” of somebody not dying or being even more seriously hurt in some mishap, that’s also a natural human reaction, although an illogical one. If the chances of survival are 1 in 100, the few who live may well attribute their good fortune to divine intervention. Which always leaves me to wonder why the supreme being had it in for the other 99%.

Several years ago, my MIL was out driving when the road was snowy. She hit a slippery patch. Told us later that when the car started to skid, she didn’t know what to do, so she just closed her eyes and prayed. God guided the car into a nice soft snowbank and nothing was damaged, according to her.

Regardless of how bad things are, if you are of a mind to do so you can thank the deity for it not being worse. My car was totalled, but I was not hurt, thank God. Well, I was hurt, but not badly. God was looking out for me. Actually, I was hurt badly, but I didn’t die, so God was with me. That other SOB did die, but he went quickly, so it was a blessing. The other other poor schlub died in horrible agony, but God finally ended it mercifully after 10 days. At least the children were saved. And on, and on.

What really cracks me up is the athletes attributing their success to some deity. What, God is suddenly a Red Sox fan this year?

The “even worse, Jessica Savitch” statement was just dumb.

Yeah, this is why I have trouble with the phrase “there but for the grace of God go I.” I have trouble with a God so capricious.

I just love it when people announce how Gawd or Jeebuz saved their asses, with absolutely no regard for the fact that if either of those two mythological beings existed, the situation wouldn’t have occured in the first place.

Well, when you read a story about someone who was in trouble and prayed and God got them out of the trouble…that’s just nice, isn’t it?

But I’ll be willing to bet that everyone who is in trouble prays for help. The ones who die don’t get to tell their story. “I prayed to God to save me but he didn’t and I died.”

I hate it when people say things like:

It wasn’t my time yet.
God must have had a purpose for me so he let me live.
She’s in a better place now.
He was on loan to us from God.

Too many funerals for you this month, I think. What’s bugging me is how the media is now on this “Tsunami- Could it happen here?” kick, worrying about the east coast of the US as if nothing tragic is happening anywhere else. Yeah, it’s all about us. Stupid twits. I expect the Cleveland media to get on a “Tsunami—could it happen in Lake Erie?” kick any minute now.

I always find it interesting when people who claim to not believe in God still get all pissed off at Him when something like this happens.

What really cracks me up is the athletes attributing their success to some deity. What, God is suddenly a Red Sox fan this year?

As far as baseball, I don’t know. When it comes to basketball, though, God is clearly a Kentucky Wildcats fan (as opposed to Duke, which is the DEVIL).

He’s been letting them lose lately to build their character, is all. They’ll be back, and when they are, you heard it here first. :smiley:

Whew! I was worried that it would take longer for some retarded asshat to try to get in a jab on the US over a natural disaster on the other side of thw world. Good job!

Me too. I read an article about a flight attendant who had swapped shifts with a friend so that she could bring her son (?) to the first day of kindergarten. The flight she missed ended up being one of the Sept 11th flights that was crashed. In the article, she said she was irritated by all the people who told her that God had saved her because she was a good mother. She said she was bothered by the implication that her friend “deserved” to die more than her.

Funny, I was almost in a similar accident last Monday. A snowplow missed its turn and suddenly reversed in my lane at the bottom of a hill, and a car was coming the other way. I thought it was me who managed to keep control of the skid well enough to squeeze between the two…but I guess it was just God playing chicken with us.

No, he’s just a Johnny Damon fan. Reminds him of his son. :wink:

I honestly don’t understand what you’re saying here. Lillith Fair seems to be annoyed at the media, not any higher power.

Brutus, how about you limit yourself to use the word “retard” just 5 times a day?

When stupid OPs are limited to 5 a day, I’ll go with that.

Well, that depends. How many times is he allowed to say; “Why do you hate America?”


Can’t you just stay under your rock for one day?

It must miss you when you are gone.

BTW…work on expanding your vocabulary next chance you get…k?

Dude, what are you doing here while the world is in dire need of a ‘OMG BUSH ATE CHICKEN PICANTE!!’ thread? Go do your duty.

I rest my case.

God doesn’t love Americans, God loves people who are rich and stupid. Rich and stupid is better than Heaven 'cause it’s just as good and you don’t have to die.

Not in “defense” of your country anyway.

And the Lord said, “Go Sox!”
—John 3:16

Interestingly, in the (absolutely amazing) mountaineering documentary Touching the Void, the injured climber says he survived precisely because of his lack of faith - the thought that he would simply cease to be if he died gave him the impetus to endure the most terrible hardships.

It’s worse than you know. I swear I just heard a local newscaster here in Pittsburgh saying something about what to do if a tsunami happens here. Frankly, if a tsunami directly affects Pittsburgh, I think I may have to reconsider my certainty that the end of the world won’t happen in my lifetime! :smiley: