The Guzman photos would you rat?

That woman at Longs reportedly saw some photos of a guy (Guzman) & guns. This makes me nervous taking my film to Longs now if they are going to report things.

If you worked at Longs would you have reported him?
I don’t think that I would because I see plenty weird behavior as it is. I think she just got lucky that he was some weirdo.

PS: There is another Subject on Guzman ( but it’s not quite the same.

If there is something clearly illegal in a picture, damn straight I’m going to report it. Just like if I see someone perform a hit-and-run or any other crime, I’m going to report it (or attempt to stop it if I can and it’s safe to do so). According to Zenster’s thread, there was more than just guns in the picture. I didn’t see the pictures so I can’t be sure.

I read a story within the last 2 weeks about a clerk at Walgreens who was fired after she called to police because some pictures showed evidence of child abuse. She did the morally correct thing, but Walgreen’s said that she broke company rules regarding a customers privacy.

That said, no job is worth not reporting something illegal. The question is, how do you know that a picture of some guy with guns is prelude to actual violence?

Do you have a cite for the Walgreens story? In many areas, there are laws that the authorities must be notified of pictures which could be considerd child pornography. I’m not sure how this would extend to cases of abuse, though.

How stupid do you have to be to take photos of yourself doing something illegal or embarrassing, and take them to a public processing lab, where total strangers will have access to it?

You can bet when I take photos of myself dressed up like Bettie Page and posing with the severed body parts of my victims, I’m developing the photos myself at home!

Or buy a Polaroid[sup]TM[/sup] camera.

Nope. I read it at the obscurestore. I tried to find it, but there doesn’t seem to be an archive. I’ve emailed them to see if there is a way to get back to it.

Well, it wasn’t Walgreens. It was WalMart. There’s a thread about it somewhere in the Pit.

Another wonderful reason to buy a digital camera.

Well, certainly the gun shops could have just arrested the guy when he bought the guns, but they didn’t see?

What the photos portrayed was someone actively engaged in what, had it come to pass, was definitely not going to be a victimless crime. That the photos showed a t-shirt similar to those worn by the Columbine killers, bombs with nails attached to them, high power weapons and ammunition would be enough for me to report this in a heartbeat.