The Hamburglar has stolen Indana's Rs!

Looks like there’s a real-life Hamburglar on the loose- or pirates, perhaps. For some reason, various signs in Greencastle, Indiana, were mysteriously R-less. For some reason, whoever stole the Rs decided to give them back to the police. Now all we have to look forward to is a real-life Grapist who repaints signs purple. (Is Indiana Amy Indiana Jones’s’ daughter?)

[sub]Yes, I read it on Fark[/sub]

But who stole the second ‘i’ from Indiana in the thread title?

Oh yeah, and…

This post has been graped by the Grapist.

I stole the second I. By mistake. Indana is related to Indiana Amy, I think.

r :smiley: r

It turned out to have been a couple of teenagers and a bit of silliness that got out of hand. The mother of one of them gathered up all the Rs into a box, and she quietly dropped them off by the police station. She didn’t think about the security camera, which caught her and her car’s license plate. Before long, the cops picked up her and both kids. The kids spilled to everything.

So, many people who had lost their Rs got them back. Maybe I can get you a link from

The story: