The Handler

The Handler is now officially my favorite show on television right now. It is even better than gasp CSI. Blasphemy!

Why and what pushed me over the edge? Tonight’s episode, for starters.

I’m embarassed to say that I don’t know any of the characters’ names, but the black guy is the best DAMN actor on a primetime show on television today. He is awesome.

What was it about tonight’s episode? Two things.

First, I am a big fan of any crime drama show, except NYPD Blue. So this show is right up my alley. But tonight’s show involved the thievery of art and history artifacts. I have a particular fascination with this type of high end crime. There is just something more classy and sinister in stealing a Van Gogh than hitting up a bank. It requires more sophistication.

Second. It is obvious that The Handler is quickly becoming a hit show. Why do I know this? The show ended unresolved on both plot lines, which means we are developing some ongoing story lines.

The same thing occurred in CSI. Once the show took off, they had extended plot lines involving both the bad guys and the good guys. The only problem is that the CSI sagas only last two to three episodes, then everyone dies.

I sincerely hope that The Handler does a better job with developing the ongoing story lines.

I agree.

If you haven’t been watching this show…and I know, it is on a Friday and who in the hell is home on Friday nights…set your VCR and be ready for a nice surprise.

Ranks up there with The Shield, and some of the better HBO shows.

I agree, I love the show.
The black guy’s name is Darnell. The young white girl’s name is Lily. I’m not sure about anyone else’s name. It also confuses things since they sometimes use fake names for their undercover jobs.
I loved the one Darnell and Lily did 2 weeks ago, as the couple fighting in the bar. I think they’re both great actors.

Okay, I watched this for the first time last night. I was really really really wanting to like it. I have always admired Joe Pantoliano’s work.

Having said that, it was horrible! I was so distracted by the lame Texas accent. The story line was good. The supporting cast was great. But Pantoliano stank.

I wasn’t put off at all by Pantoliano’s performance last night. On the contrary. Pantoliano is an excellent actor, and the main reason I’m watching The Handler. I agree that the supporting cast is quite good.