"The Happiness Trap" book/ebook

I’ve read about two-thirds of a 2007 book called “The Happiness Trap” by Russ Harris and have found it very helpful. In the past I’ve had depression and anxiety problems but the book has taught me how to just accept a lot of things and move on. “ACT” even has a book about accepting chronic pain…
BTW the final third of the book is about discovering your values… I’m already enjoying my life a lot more than I did a few days ago even though I’m not sure what a lot of my values are.

From the website:
“…positive thinking often does NOT work – and research shows that positive affirmations make many people feel worse! Even the new science of ‘Positive Psychology’ is so often dumbed down or hyped up, it easily leads to frustration, disappointment and failure.”

Articles and papers on “ACT”:

Anyway it is available from Amazon and eBay and also as an ebook. As far as I know, the cheapest ebook is available with kobo for $7.79:

Here’s the introduction of the book: