The Hateful Eight and other 2015 movies(Open Spoilers)

I just watched The Hateful Eight and thought it was one of QT’s best films. Maybe even the best of all.

I saw Django Unchained and I guess I’m in the minority but I didn’t think it was a great film. That is only my personal opinion and I know many people will disagree. But I just want to mention both films so people will know I thought The Hateful Eight was a much better movie. The performance of Christop Waltz was excellent. But much of the rest of the film seemed kind of stupid.

The runtime was 165 minutes and I thought the story could have been told in about half that time. It was just far too slow for a movie lasting almost 3 hours.

But The Hateful Eight told a great story and the actors were superb. Its runtime was almost 3 hours but it carried that off well. I never wanted to turn away or fast forward. Jennifer Jason Leigh was a standout. So were all the rest but she was extra good.

I also saw Creed and I couldn’t believe it was rated 8.5 on IMDB. I would think it would have been over-rated if it got 7.0. It was just another dumb boxing movie with a bunch of dumb jokes that were likely contributed by Sly Stallone himself.

One example, one of the stars takes a picture of something on paper and Stallone asks him if he doesn’t want to take the paper in case his smart phone breaks or is stolen. The character replies, “It’s already on the cloud”. Stallone looks up to the sky and asks, “Which cloud”?

I guess he thinks that’s funny. But I doubt that most people who know what The Cloud is will it is funny. I just kind of groaned when he said that. It was a sign to me that the Rocky movies are 40 years old and are just way past their time now.

Stupid movie. I erased it from my PVR immediately after watching it. I also erased all other Stallone movies I had there. I don’t ever want to watch another one of his films.

Did you bootleg them from the massive leak Hollywood just had?

I did not realize there was any kind of leak. Thank you for telling me.

If any mod thinks there is something wrong with this topic, please feel free to delete this thread.

Thank you.

The movie was released in theaters earlier this month. It still is not in wide release. I am not sure how you did not know this.

In what theaters was it released already? My understanding is that the ‘roadshow’ release begins on Christmas Day.

It’s cool. How did you see these movies?

Well, a google search for the movie has it coming up as being released in LA on December 7. I don’t know if that is related to the leak or not, but that is what I was going by. I do know that the wide release is this Friday.

I’m sending you a private message.

I’d also be curious to find out how you saw those movies. Please send me a PM as well.

So…OK. Your PM suggested Tarantino’s recent protest of police action in NY had something to do with whether or not your viewing of Hateful Eight was legal. I don’t get how that affects its legality.

Why a PM? Can I just post what you said here? Nothing you said was “for your eyes only” kind of info.

Creed has been in theaters for weeks here

But that’s the point; Creed is still in theaters. So it’s very unlikely to be available for home viewing (streaming, DVD rental, DVD purchase, etc.) while it’s still in the theaters.

If all dopers who torrented films or music were banned maybe 25 under forties would be left and quite a few oldtimers would be out the door as well. The outrage here is kinda silly.

Well, I can’t really tell you not to post it. Some people here think that a “private message” means it is to be treated as private. But there is nothing wrong with anyone making the contents of a PM public.

I sent you a PM because I’d just like this thread to die. I wish I had never started it. If I knew there was any problem with a “leak”, I never would have started this thread.

I’m on the fence about you making the contents of my PM public. If you feel it’s important to do that, I won’t object.

Here is the PM I sent to Mahaloth:

I hope you will understand but since there is so much controversy and anger surrounding Quentin from various police agencies and since I have no idea what the legality of this leak could be,

It would be best for me to say nothing about how I saw it.

I apologize to you for this. But I really think it’s for the best.

I hope you will understand.

I really had no idea about this leak.

I have nothing more to say on this topic and I hope you all will excuse me.

The December 7 “release” in Los Angeles was the premiere.

Who is expressing outrage? I’m just amazed and amused that the OP seemed to be blissfully unaware that he might, perhaps, have been seeing an illegally copied film.

Im sure he was aware of it as just about every new film is available to dl at the usual sites. There was a copy of Interstellar out there that was partially blocked by some guys shoulder. Most of em comes from screeners, I think.

Just saw Hateful 8 and it was excellent, but left me with one unanswered question…what happened to Minnie’s cat?

Is Minnie’s last name Shroedinger?