The Haunting of Bly Manor - anyone watching? [No Spoilers]

We finished it tonight.

It was good, nothing too amazing. The last two episodes were pretty solid, but nothing reached the heights of Haunting of Hill House.

Still watching, it is picking up again with episodes 6 & 7. It looks like there are 9 episodes total.

The last two were probably the best, with episode 8 being a high point.

I finished it yesterday and enjoyed it overall but some of it was confusing and I’m still not sure I understand.

when did Hannah actually die? Did Miles actually push her down the well? Seems like that would make him “irredeemable” yet he comes out fine at the end. Are we meant to know that the narrator is the gardener the whole time? I had read a review that flat out told me and not as a spoiler, so I can’t tell if I would have figured it out if I didn’t already know. Would have been an even more powerful ending if it had come as a surprise. Still very sad even still.

Things I liked: I thought it was very well cast. The children were awesome, especially Miles. Flora could have been really cloying yet the young actress was adorable. I didn’t like Dani at first but I grew to look forward to her scenes. The actor who plays Quint is my new Sweet Baby. Henry’s grinning doppleganger is creepy AF and the ghost is surprisingly scary even though the costuming / CGI whatever doesn’t seem to be as sophisticated as you’d expect.

I look forward to others’ opinions and if anyone can answer my questions I would really appreciate it. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I could make out what was going on.

I finished last night also.

I was disappointed in the end. The 8th episode really hurt the series as it was so slow and repetitive. I won’t actually recommend this show to anyone.
The acting was very solid. I think Miles didn’t push Hannah but Quint using Miles did. Miles doesn’t even know he was involved thankfully. This was a big step down from The Haunting of Hill House.

To your questions,

Hannah died right as Dani arrived. Miles was being possessed by Quint when he pushed her into the well, so I don’t think Miles even remembers it. He was probably tucked away in a memory. It’s not explicitly said until the end that the narrator is the gardener, but since she said in the first episode she wasn’t Dani it was pretty obvious the gardener was the only other person she could be, so I don’t really think it was some big twist or anything.

Makes sense; thanks.


Peter Quint killed Hannah because…uh…he’s bad? Wait. Why did he kill her? Miles has nothing to do with it other than being the person possessed.

I…think Quint killed Hannah because she knew he was bad news and he thought she would interfere with his plans for him and Rebecca to permanently possess the kids, or something? But then, didn’t he know that she would be as active and meddling as a ghost as he was? And if the ghosts at Bly can be perfectly corporeal, why couldn’t Quint have pushed her down the well as his ghost self? When he was a ghost and Becs was still alive he demonstrated he was a ghost by passing his hand through hers, so maybe not all the Bly ghosts are solidly corporeal, as Hannah was? Or can they turn it off and on at will?

I enjoyed the story, but I tend to have a problem with corporeal ghosts in general. The rules are usually squishy. Especially the “stronger after death” trope where Viola’s ghost is able to lift grown men off their feet and snap their necks with one hand.

I finished last night as well. Who the hell was the creepy doppelganger guy? We never find out…plus how would the gardener even know about him if everyone else seemed to get amnesia and not want to talk about it?

That was a manifestation of Henry Wingrave’s guilt. Like Dani seeing the image of her dead fiance Eddie, it was apparently psychological, not an actual ghost or anything supernatural.

The storyteller (who turned out to be Jamie the gardener) was very possibly an unreliable narrator-- she hints several times that part or all of the story is made up. At the least she must have embellished some things, like the backstory of Viola which she couldn’t have known, at least in full. And only the kids forgot the scary stuff-- the adults at the time remembered everyhting.

Horror isn’t really a genre I favor, but I liked Rahul Kohli so much in iZombie that I thought I would at least have a look. I thought it was terrific. I would have jumped straight into Hill House afterward, but I stumbled across the big twist of that series on an entertainment website a little while back and I’m kind of peeved with myself. I’ll save it for another time, perhaps.