Dr Who 3x10: Blink *SPOILERS*

Leaving this first line spoiler free so that it won’t show up in the preview, so… dum dee dum dum… What fine weather we are having today…

Ok, that should do it, I just finished watching this episode and I’m scared to look out the window. This is definably right up there with the best episodes. Very spooky at times. Especially at the beginning before we knew what was going on.

So, what do y’all think of it?

I liked it, though I didn’t find it scary. It’s interesting how they shape an episode while having almost an entire absence of the two leads. And the supporting cast was excellent. Sally Sparrow was hot! Larry was a dork!

I half expected her to end up in 1969 and hook up with Billy after all, but 'twas not to be.

Loved it. It almost felt like a very good episode of the Twilight Zone at times. I did jump a couple of times, although I can imagine seasoned horror fans would find it fairly tame. Not sure why they couldn’t just smash the statues up.

FWIW a better trick is to have a dummy first post.

It’s interesting how much they managed to pack into a little under 42 minutes. Excellent writing there plus superb plotting.

I actually think Sally Sparrow would make a very good companion, smart, assertive, improvises and keeps her head cool under danger. Maybe it’s also because I’m not warming up to Freema.

A basic flaw of the story would be that any child over two would blink with alternate eyes. But I’m not letting that get in the way of an otherwise superb episode.

A gem of a story - scary, funny and poignant. This series is turning out a classic, and I’ve a feeling that we ain’t seen nothing yet.

I really enjoyed this. :smiley:

I liked the puzzle of why the DVD Doctor kept saying the same things apparently to no-one and how Sally meets up with the Doctor by chance and hands him his future script! :cool:

I liked the way we kept learning the plot and the charm of how Billy had his last scene with Sally. :slight_smile:

‘Don’t blink!’ is a great slogan for the kids watching.

Definitely one of the best episodes of the new series. These past few weeks have been spectacular.

If a monstrous statue leaped out at me when I glanced away for a second and if I blinked I was dead I’m not sure I would think of winking. I’d be too busy wetting myself.

I do wonder though, how many young 'uns are gonna have a complex about statuary from now on!

Am i strange in that i cant close just my left eye? I can do the right one but not the left. I was wondering why, when there were two of them, they didnt take it in turns to blink.

My wife’s the same. She can’t close just one eye. It’s both or neither and makes it very difficult for her to use a camera viewfinder.

And the preview makes me somehat giddy for next week:

Captain Jack.

This preview for Utopia was on the Jonathan Ross Show last month. It’s very different from the one that was on after Blink.

There’s a lot more Jack!

Hell, never mind the kiddies, I’m now scared about statuary!

I was really surprised to learn that the statues were played by live actors! I don’t remember seeing them moving (although that is kind of the point :wink: ). I guess it was cheaper than having loads of statues in different poses.

There is a feature about the statues in this week’s Radio Times. I thought they were models but some of them were actual actors. It took three hours of make-up to get the desired effect.
Edit. You beat me to it Usram .

Loved this episode. Always prefer the ones that need the viewer to sit and think about what’s going on for a bit, rather than just having 45 min of the Doctor and Companion running away from explosions.

Yeah that whole blinking with alternate eyes thing… that didn’t occur to me, until… well, it was pointed out upthread. :o

ETA slightly worried about Captain Jack next week. But really only cos I’ve hated all the Torchwood I’ve seen. Maybe when he’s in Doctor Who, he acts well in a good story. Could happen I suppose.

Torchwood was flawed in certain areas, but I still enjoyed it and hope it got renewed.

I figured the statues were done by mimes, mostly becuase the pores showed in some close-ups, but that was just about the only way to tell.

It has been renewed (I think filming has started in order to slot it in before Who Series 4). Even better, RTD was quoted somewhere as stating that the production crew were aware that it needed some more work done on it.

The BBC have been kind enough to put up the original Stephen Moffat story that Blink is (loosely!)based on - it comes from the 2006 Doctor Who annual and so is really aimed at the youngsters, but I think it’s a charming wee story.

What I did on my Christmas Holidays - by Sally Sparrow