Doctor Who s3 ep10 "Blink" -- spookiest Who ever?

Wow what a great episode! It had some seriously creepy, spooky moments in it. I was kind of glad I wasn’t going to sleep right after watching it.

The last several episodes have been just terrific, I think.

I agree! I’ve watched it about six times already, I just can’t get enough of it. I can’t in good conscience call it the spookiest Who ever, as I have not seen much of the older series, but it’s definitely the only thing I’ve watched in recent memory that actually made me scream out loud!

I still can’t believe those statues were actual actors, that’s just amazing. I watched it again with that knowledge, and still swore up and down that they had to be real statues (or, at least, styrofoam or something). Not a twitch or a wobble from any of them.

They really seem to have hit their stride this season - I am so excited for next week’s I can’t stand it!

They show a repeat on Sunday with a commentray form cast and crew, and in that they said that a bit of computer post-processing trickery was used to stabilise some of the statue shots. But yeah, I had no idea they were actors either.

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Nah, the spookiest was the one with the kid walking around “Are you my mummy” during the blitz while people’s faces turned to gasmasks.

But this is second.

The same scriptwriter Stephen Moffat, and he did The Girl In The Fireplace as well. Luckily for us, he’s doing another two-parter in series 4.

Of course, the scariest ever Doctor Who was *The Green Death *, but this is probably because I was five when I first saw it.

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Here go!

Predictably, I killed it. :frowning:

You didn’t kill it! You can’t help being pond-and-Who challenged! Will you do threads when it shows on the SciFi channel? Please say yes.

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Fantastic episode. I have to wonder, when I rewatch the Doctor Who from my youth, things that were so scary then are so cheesy now. Will these episode suffer the same fate? I suspect not. Doctor Who is finally a “good” show! Yay!

Well we’re all grown-ups here and most of us found it scary.

I also think this had one of the best supporting casts so far (well, not so much “supporting” because there was not a great deal of Doctor in it). I really liked the melancholy little cameo from the guy playing the grandson delivering the letter.

Brian Cant’s son.

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I don’t know about spookiest episode ever (I think the episode with the ghost kid in the gas mask - incidentally, written by the same guy who wrote ‘Blink’ - takes that particular honour), but it’s certainly one of the cleverest. I really enjoyed it. A superb addition to a great series.

And I don’t care what anyone says - anyone - I see you over there…about to disagree with me…don’t care…it was a bajillion times better than Love and Monsters. I’ve measured it, and my awesome-ometer is correctly calibrated. A bajillion.

Nope, I disagree. Anyone who dislikes Love and Monsters obviously doesn’t understand life, and *furthermore *anyone who thinks that Blink is any more than 2.68 times better than it should go away and rethink their very existence. folds arms

“The Empty Child.” This is the first episode I ever saw of the new ones, and I saw it 6 days ago.

I immediately created a series recording on my DVR, and have recorded every one since then in the sequence they’re showing them on the Sci-Fi channel.

So far they haven’t shown the second part!! :mad: In the very next one I watched from my DVR, Barty Crouch Jr. was battling Satan and I had no idea what the hell was going on nor what happened to the invisible guy from Heroes.

Love and Monsters did have a huge handicap in having to force into the story an “Abzorbaloff” which was just awful. But it was saved by a pretty good script, and some great performances, particularly from Marc Warren. But Blink is way more betterer than just 2.68 times. I’d say 15.4 times at least.

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