The Heartbreak of Feline Acne (TMI)

Or, My Asshole Cat Has a Huge Chin Zit and He Won’t Let Me Pop It

Not looking for veterinarial advice (we got plenty of that already, and paid for it, thank you).

Domino is almost as bad as Boris.

I loved this thread more than I can ever express.

Domino has feline acne. Once it got really bad – so bad his whole chin swole up like Jay Leno; we were worried he had cancer or got bit by a poisonous spider or something – and after the vet finished “cleaning out the site” he looked like this. We had to give him penicillin injections and swab his poor lil’ chin with prescription wipes for days.

Today he has just one big, ripe honker… and he won’t let me near it.
{piteous long-suffering sigh}*

Not that I would pop it, or anything. But he’s an asshole.

I was petsitting my neighbor’s cat, and I noticed he had one of those on his chin. I managed to lull him so I was able to position my fingers just right…and then BAM! I squeezed and out came a blackhead larger than I have ever had myself. He seemed a little stunned but otherwise he didn’t seem to mind.

My evil twin did this to Domino… once.

Y’all get it, right? … “express”… right? right?

I am not either pitiful. {sob}

Sapphire kitty used to get a few blackheads on her chin. We switched the cat food bowl from a smallish plastic one to a larger ceramic one, because Mere kitty enjoyed tipping over the food bowl. She tipped over the water bowls a couple of times, too, but soon learned that water bowls, when tipped over, get kitties all wet. At any rate, since we’ve switched food bowls, Sapphire has had no more blackheads. I’m very glad, as they looked horrid, though not as horrid as YOUR example.

We too switched from a plastic bowl to a tempered glass one. Domino has not had any scary outbreaks since then, though it’s anyone’s guess if that is due to bowl switching, vet poking, penicillin injecting, my-hands-offing, or kitty resillience. But he does regularly have a big ole zit that I can’t help wondering if I oughta pop!

Can you swaddle the cat in a really big bath towel, I mean *firmly *swaddle, so he’s mummified in there, then hold him down, and squeeze?

Or is that too dangerous… I haven’t been around cats in a while, but I do recall teeth, claws, speed and ferocity.

But, man, I would be up all night, trying to figure out how to get the cat in a controlled position for zit squeezing.

Good luck with Domino.

See, the towel thing would kind of tip off mr.emilyforce that I had evil designs on the cat. Truth to tell, Domino was mr.emilyforce’s cat before he was my cat. But he’s MINE ALL MINE now. Fingernails rule! Er, for scratching ears and the tops of heads and such, yannow.

mr.emilyforce just does not grok the zit-popping thing (though, as he is GG&G, he lets me pop his bigugly zits, so long as I “pay the price”, i.e. very tenderly stroke his back and arm skin afterwards.)

Aw. Poor cat. Give Domino extra attention for me, please. Boris brought the treat container upstairs and put it in the middle of my bedroom floor again. I think that’s his version of a bloody horse head IN my bed.

Hmmm, maybe he has a bit of foreign material in that spot? Or the damn zit is encapsulated? Ask his vet. Domino might need a bit of minor surgery.

I think getting rid of plastic is the key; my guy has not had an zits since I got rid of plastic bowls and toys. However, he does go around rubbing his chin on everything and leaving black marks! Apparently he’s got the worlds oiliest skin. But, no more zits.

Missed the edit window; has not had “any” zits.

Stupid fingers.

I got a special zit popper from a medical supply company, just for my cat. He got amazing zits right after I adopted him. He only had a plastic dish for a week, but it took a while for the zits to clear. He occasionally gets a blackhead, now. He’s nice enough to stretch out and let me get them without much fuss. He’s a goooooood cat.

A cat bowl that has no flat surface sorted my cats acne.

However, he has a through and through in his ear (he is an outside, fight’n cat) that has healed, but I think is swelling up a bit. He won’t let me even look at it closely, so if it is still swelling when I get home friday, he’ll be off to the vet this weekend.


I feel like a guy wandering into a menstruation thread.

There’s no such thing as … er … canine acne, is there? shudder

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Yes, there is. And just like in cats, changing out a plastic bowl for a glass or metal one helps. Plastic bowls are nasty anyway - once they get scratched they can harbor bacteria that is very difficult to clean out.

I had a greyhound with chest blackheads too. This can happen with thin-coated dogs and comes from lying on hard surfaces. Warm compresses help to work them out, and giving them a soft bed to lie on keeps the problem from coming back.

Is it weird that I want to see a photo of the kitty blackheads? Isn’t there a rule in zit threads about posting pictures, or is that just cat threads?

Good to know! I’ve learned something today. I do in fact have a thin-coated dog and he is indeed a teenager, and he does indeed have a few random red bumps on him, one on his muzzle and some on his chest.

He certainly does have plenty of soft things to lie on, so I’m not going to worry too much about it. I may replace his plastic bowl, tho.

Thanks, cat people and romansperson!

I didn’t know cats got zits - my cats have had ceramic bowls that I made in pottery class for years, and no zits on either of my cats.

Puss pus!

I’ve been a cat person all my life and never heard of feline acne either.