The Heat Is On-A Start Of Summer MMP

Happy Birthday Rockin’

Blurf. Happy Sunday. Doing nothing this weekend except getting well finally. Still hacking but feeling better every day.

Happy Rockin’ Day!

Bl hack koff wheese urf

Happy Birthday Rockin’

I’m all ready for company, and I still don’t know if they are coming. I’d like to take a nap since I didn’t sleep well.

Of course there is always something to do around here, the chores never end.
I should irk a little, next week’s paycheck is going to suck. However, between skipping a mortgage payment and the escrow refund, I can afford to take a few days off.

Nappy time!
Yeah, I realize some of you are just getting up by I’ve been up since just after 4am. Yesterday was 4 hrs sleep, 10 miles on foot (actually 29,000+ steps for the day) & 150ish in the car. Last night would have been more sleep (by a whole 20 minutes!) but one guy got up in the middle of the night to get a ride to the errr; sounds like a kidney stone, which is a real, ummm, pisser…or maybe not.

so yeah, 10am nappy time…at least until the others come back from breakfast.

Mowage is done! YAY!! Plus we cleared away some branches that were an eyesore for far too long. I may or may not walk the path thru our woods and nip back the overhanging foliage - we shall see.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a wet washcloth to wipe my arms and legs periodically till I cool off, and I’m having some ice water. For a mild day, it’s awfully hot!!! I’m too old for this crap!!

Just found out why my boss and the female engineer in our group were gone all week - they were on their honeymoon. They got married last Saturday. I can’t believe there was no talk about it in the office! What a weird place I work in!!

No company is coming, so time for a nap.

Sah-son has an ear infection but he is refusing to go to the doctor. There may be a visit for him in the near future. He just took some of whatever generic non aspirin pain reliever I have. He has never done that before, so he must be hurting.

Happy Birthday Rockin!

To complete my trifecta of weird dog occurrences for the week, yesterday our little blind dog fell in the swimming pool. :eek: Like the others, this one has a happy ending, with some scary in the middle.

The pool guy was here and asked us to take the cover all the way off. By that he meant, away from the the pool so that he could walk all the away around it. So we undid a portion of the safety fence, dragged the pool cover through it, and he did his thing. My son accidentally let Star into the yard before we fixed the fence. A few minutes later, I went out and called her to come back in. Instead of trotting dog, I see swimming animal zooming towards me across the pool. She can swim very well. She just couldn’t get out. Fortunately, she came right to me, I stepped into the pool and grabbed her, and all was well. She was cold and wet, but we warmed her up quickly. Phew!

Now, no more dog scares!!!

I’m in the 5th day of a headache. Not fun. I’ve never had a headache last this long. Went to the doctor yesterday, who seemed to think it wasn’t a big deal, so maybe it’ll get better eventually? Thinking of going back to the doctor if it doesn’t stop, but dammit, I’ve got so much to do in the next few days/weeks/months… :frowning:

I decided to make scampi for supper and I thought I’d serve it over linguini. I didn’t have any, so I ran to Food Lion. Home again, about $70 later. No, I didn’t buy that much linguini. But I did see stuff we needed, so that chore’s done.

I talked to my mom… OK, actually, I listened to her monologue about her trip to Poland. She’s a tough one to interrupt. And, as I expected, my fussy sister who was traveling with her hardly ate anything that wasn’t McDonald’s. In fact, in one restaurant, they gave her a coke with a slice of lemon, and she sent it back. She’s weird about food.

But Mom had a good time, and the only part she really hated were the flights - she does NOT like to fly. But she’s home safe and she enjoyed herself, so that’s what matters.

**FCD **is snoozing. I’m thinking I might try the same. After I eat my grapes.

Happy birthday, rockin’!

Went to Dragon Park with the heathens for brunch. I picked up a friend and his daughter because his car was in the shop. Thankfully, his daughter helped carry the music gear. After we left, I swung by another friends’ new house for some hand me down boxes. He told me that he’ll save them until I tell him to stop. :slight_smile:

Now to prep next week’s lunches and pack a carton or two.

Got deheathenized, then went to the laundramat, in that order. Now I have to clean the stove, and put the bedclothes back on the bed. After all, the mattress is naked and that will never do. Then the stove needs cleaning and the dog needs walking.

Thiswas supper. I halved the amount of butter because it seemed like too much. And what we had was quite good. Served over linguini with sauteed mushrooms on the side. I halved the entire recipe and it was enough for both of us to eat, with leftovers for my lunch tomorrow.

Dishwasher is doing its cleaning thing. The only thing I need to do tonight is bring in the box of kitteh litter. It’s 40# and more than **FCD **should be hefting around. I’m glad he’s being much more careful this time around.

And that’s the end of my weekend. Tomorrow, the newlyweds come back to the office. rah.

I walked the dog a lot, made a run to the sto, now I have orange ginger pork chops marinating, while I drink a martini.

Sunny :eek: Glad pup was alright, though.


There are places where --------. While its an earlier time frame and done for the tourists, Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas is fantastic when it snows. And I know some small town in PA where it snows a helluva lot more and not all that far from “It’s A Wonderful Life”. I know people, I could get you in.

But not any deadly Pouncing Tree Vipers that I’ve heard of. Although the odd koala may run out of the trees to pee on you ----- but that’s different.
Happy Birthday Rockin’

In the interest of full disclosure I did copy and paste. But I mean it anyway! :smiley:

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, y’all. Airman, the sprog and I went to Primanti Brothers in York for a late lunch/early dinner, followed by ice cream. We spent the afternoon flaking out in front of the boob toob. It was a birthday well-spent.

I hate you.


My day is complete. :slight_smile:


Why I’m up so late I don’t know, but I’ll see you all tomorrow. I have to get some sleep.