The Heat Is On-A Start Of Summer MMP

So today is the start of summer, and it’s gonna get hot here soon. Anybody who hasn’t already retired and headed out to parts unknown have any summer plans? Or just hijack this puppy away.

Summer plans here are to not melt. We tentatively talked about doing something in September after the kids go back to school. Not sure what yet, but we’ve got some time to think on it.

Meanwhile, I’ve tended to the dog, packed my lunch, and had most of my breakfast. Caffeination continues. **FCD **sees his surgeon today - I just need to get thru the work day. At least there’s no boss this week, so there’s that. :smiley:

So, Happy Moanday!!

::Skritches puppy::

Longest day(light) of the year today. Gonna be 92°; may finally turn on AC.

Unsure of summer plans yet.

It’s the Winter Solstice here in down-under-land, what we would consider midwinter. It’s been very wet so far, but still warmer than usual.

Happy Moonday!

I’ve been up since 2ish, but couldn’t think of a topic to start us off.
I’ve been up doing stuff around the house. My stack of papers to be filed is out of hand. I wish I were taller, I need to put some things away and can’t reach the shelves. It can wait until the son gets up.
Then again, maybe I should throw a bunch of stuff out and then I won’t need the storage.

No vacation plans for me. Maybe I should think about going someplace this year.
I’d like to take some time off irk, but then I’d use the time off to catch up on stuff around here. I feel like it never ends.

I’m on vacation at my home 22km from Pamplona between July 2nd and 17th :smiley:

I haven’t been able to go to Sanfermines in AAAAAGES! I wanna watch the first bullrun in the freaking ring! No idea what I’ll end up doing, but whatever I don’t do will be for lack of arse-moving, not of occasion.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up, caffeinated, brekkied, and purtified so no YAWN. ‘Tis 68 Amurrkin and clear out with a predicted high of 88 and sunny. I’m headin’ out to a couple of places in the west forty this mornin’ so I’m slackin’ at da cave for a little bit before I have to leave. I envision myself to be back at the orifice around oneish this afternoon. What I have to do at both places won’t take too long but gettin’ to each place and then the orifice involves a fair amount of drivin. I’ll really be glad not to do so much drivin’ around the countryside.

As far as any travel plans, not so much. We’re both such homebodies and stuff like the beach does not appeal to either one of us, so who knows.

MetalMouse you all packed yet?

OK, that’s all I got. I need to get in gear soon and start the irkday. Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Blurf. For the start of summer, it’s remarkably wet over here. It’s been bucketing down all morning with no signs of stopping so far, and it’s actually quite chilly out there. That’s why I am in the office keeping warm with lots of cups of tea.

Summer plans…next month we are off to Hungary for a week to visit our friends over there. Towards the end of August we’re hopping on a plane to San Diego, then by various means of transport to Reno, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and then home from San Jose. The hexmas plan is a rather short trip to Auckland to get some sun while the UK’s either frozen or soggy.

I’m off for lunch with a colleague, apparently she wants to pick my brains about something…could get messy!

My summer plans recently changed. Now I will be purging and packing :mad: :frowning:

Blurf! to the max!

Blurf! To the moon!

No travel plans this summer. I did my annual Lexington KY trip in April. Next year I’m doing a week in Dublin and a week in Edinburgh. Tomorrow night I’m going to a birthday party for a 50 year old donkey. His name is Orlando (aka O or Oie). He’s the ambassador of the horse rescue I volunteer with. He came from a petting zoo. The (using the term loosely) owners of the zoo called the rescue in the dead of winter and said “come get him or we’re leaving him out to freeze to death” O doesn’t have any teeth and walks slowly but other than that is in perfect health.

Yep, I just hope I can cram it into an overhead compartment so I don’t have to check it.

Going to take a briefcase with me for all the paperwork, and still have to ‘unstress’ my wallet and do a few other minor things, but yeah, I’m good to go. Taxi arrives in about 3 hours.

All y’all play nicely here for the next two weeks.

Have you met us??? Play nicely?? It is to laugh!!!

Have fun in your travels and be safe and stuff!!!

Happy Travels MetalMouse!

I fell asleep, now I’m up and need to get busy.
Sah-son isn’t going to be happy but today I pull out the dreaded To Do List, and we start chipping away at it.

I believe the gentleman (and I use the term loosely) was speaking metaphorically.

Lunch time, and not a moment too soon!! I mad a sammich this morning and I bought some chips from the snack cabinet (honor system - snacks and a money container in one of the kitchen cabinets!) And I brought some cherries for dessert - lurves me some cherries!!!

I have the same plans as Rosie. We need to pack and purge to move. No travel plans for the foreseeable future, although family may be coming to visit us next year for the sprog’s graduation from eighth grade.

For lunch, I have a frozen Weight Watchers meal with fresh mushrooms to nosh on. Dinner will be pork loin with applesauce and a vegetable. Nice and easy and it leaves a lot of time for separating clothes for donation.

Us people in HVAC see gold.

Have a good trip, metal mouse!

As for my summer plans, they’re pretty much the same as rosie’s, sunny’s and rockin’s.

I may have found a place. It’s one that I looked at a couple of years ago and rejected for not being in the location that I wanted. At this point, I could live with the location at their rent rates.

Yay for you, I suppose. Guessing you’ll have a nice run of replacing cooked capacitors. Does anything else in a home AC system tend to fail when the weather is really hot? Suppose you’ll also see some iced-up evaporators courtesy of people who couldn’t be bothered to change their filters.