Sunburned in the MMP

Yeah, I know, I should have worn sunscreen, or at least a sleeved t-shirt. It was kinda, sorta, semi-overcast and I never really got hot, so I didn’t think about it. But at the end of the company picnic, all of a sudden, my bare shoulders let me know of my folly.


The aloe gel is soothing, but a bit sticky. I guess that’s my punishment. Next time, I’ll remember.

Happy Moanday.

First! Good to be juvenile it is! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 74 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 88 and possible rain/tstorms/apocalypse predicted for the day. It’s spiff da cave day and I have Vestry meetin’ tonight. Fun day. Sup shall be boxed lasagna (don’t judge!), sallit, and cheesey garlic bread. I reckon that is enough activity to keep me outta trouble for the day.

Haven’t been sunburned in a long time but have had some painful ones in the past due to my misspent youth.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!


Hey, it’s only Sunday. What’s with the new MMP?

Oh, what? It’s Monday already? Ugh.

Morning all.

Never use sunscreen, so I try to wear a cap when I’m out (not much hair left to protect the top) but my legs occasionally toast quite nicely. Worst sunburn was the day I was out on the beach in Abu Dhabi (temperature was over 110F). While I made sure my body was protected, didn’t think of watching the soles of my feet…not fun walking for the next 24 hours…

Not much on the schedule for the week. My vacation starts next Tuesday, so I’ll need to start planning and getting stuff together for that. Heading for 85F today with a week in the 80’s, so nice.

Another Monday in the retirement life, which is pretty much like every other day in retirement life. Today I think I’ll do. . .whatever the hell I want. Again.

Yesterday was a day for the Japanese Garden and the Rose Test Garden. 70s with a light breezel; just lovely. Gonna start heating up today into the 80s, and then 90s to upper 90s in the next couple of days. That means hibernating in the afternoons with the AC on.

I hereby declare da cave all spiffed and sanitized. Well, y’all wouldn’t catch and really awful diseases from bein’ here. I call that a win. The new church vacuum cleaner showed up. I need to put it together but will do so over to the church house as I figure the box of assorted vacuum stuff will be easier to deal with than a put together vacuum. Been drizzly all mornin’ but right now the sun is playin’ peekaboo. I’m pretty sure more rain is on the way for this afternoon.

Cookie sometimes I walk out to my driveway, cup of coffee in hand, and laugh at those on their way to irk. Retirement has made me all evil like that.

That’s all the news from swampland right now. Stay tuned for further developments.

It’s been a busy morning, but I’m getting a lot done. I had a bunch of drawings that had fallen thru the cracks, but I’m almost caught up, so yay!

Gotta stop for some groceries on the way home - hope the Amish market has the good cukes they had last week. They were HUGE and really tasty - I’m having the last bit with lunch today. And I need some more 'maters. Wonder how much longer till cantaloupes come in season…

I bought sunscreen last week and have been faithfully using it on my arms, neck, and face. I’ve only been sunburned once, on the tops of my feet while working at a fund raising car wash. Nothing going on here in no. Illinois. It was hot last week, like 80, which is too hot for me. I decided it would be a good idea to move to International Falls, MN for the summers. When I checked the temperature that day, it was 94 in IFMN! Zowie! I put my moving plans on hold.

Afternoon all.

Well, I interviewed for, have been offered and accepted the lab tech job. It probably won’t be starting til September now, ‘cos they’ll need to do a background check before I can start and end of term is in just over 2 weeks (unless they can use my old one from doing outreach stuff, hence the probably). College HR does not move fast (they also take forever to pay up- irk done will not get paid for until the end of the following month, as I discovered while doing said stoodint outreach stuff). This means droppin’ the cleaning job down to holidays only, which they hopefully will be OK about and I shall definitely be OK about. The job is pretty much ‘help out with whatever’, but may even include helping with beekeeping prep, as well as maybe some tiny plant wrangling.

Anyway, tis time to cook dinner; homemade pizza today.

Congrats on the job Nut!

Today I am taking the kids to the doctor and hiding from the heat. It would have been nice to have some time between rain and egg-frying-on-the-pavement. I maintain that air conditioning is one of humanity’s greatest inventions.

Happy Moanday!

That’s the nice thing with 18th century clothing; everything except the back of your hand remains as white as the underbelly of a newborn gosling.

(brownie points to those who remember who always used that line)

Things went fantastic. The weather was perfect, the best of the participants came out, we got filmed possibly for PBS ------- it was just great! The highlight was the first battle Sunday; I set up for the Natives to snag a little girl 6 years old (of ours - not a touron) and carry her off as a captive and we warned her as well ------- but she screamed and kept hitting this huge Delaware with her little basket. IT WAS GREAT! Now I still have a stack of papers and we’re hitting some parks next weekend but I am recharged and ready to go again.

Someone who was unaware that goslings are hatched, not born.

Afternoon all. Since I decided not to visit Jimmy John’s anymore due to their owner’s proclivity in killing large (and sometime endangered) animals, I had to find another spot for my Monday eat-out lunch. Finally settled on Golden Corral, hey, I got a cup of soup, bowl of salad, meat and potato and three fudge brownies for about a buck more than I was paying for the sammich and chips. May change things around each Moanday, but GC is a good ‘go-to’ if I have no other plans.

However, after eating that much, nappage is likely.

**Ruble/B], sounds like you had fun (for certain definitions of fun…).

Nut, congrats on the job, I hope it goes well for you.

My sister and I say “white as the underbelly of a dead fish.”

Happy Moonday!

It’s chilly and rainy outside, grumpy and bitchy inside.

I need to change up some things in my life, just not sure how I want to change them.
I need to get some other things back on track.

Moooooom, for your sunburn, I highly recommend Walgreen’s blue or green aloe gel. It isn’t sticky and has some menthol in addition to the aloe.

wet one, I don’t believe that you’d fare well living south of the Ohio River. :stuck_out_tongue: Here in middle Tennessee, most of May saw temps above 90F.

Yay on the job nut!

I totally respect your stance on JJ’s metal mouse. There are certain businesses that I don’t patronize because of their politics, even if they are more convenient or quite tasty.

To respond to the OP a bit more, I tend to use factor 45 baby block as moisturizer. As someone who was a redhead for most of her life (before the white staged a hostile takeover) and has the skin tone to match, burning doesn’t take long. I grew up on the lakes and working in the truck patch before sunscreen was on most folks’ radar and now have to get checked out by the dermotologist twice a year and, as often as not, have another small skin cancer lesion removed.

My manager made the announcement that my immediate supervisor would be accepting a new position within the department. They will be posting her current position internally tomorrow. I know who I would like to have if he is interested, and I think he is.

I hate my neighbors.

I thought they were moving.
They haven’t.

I wish I could nuke their stereo from space.
Or even a drone strike, surely there are drones which could target offending stereos?

I’ll check da jungle.

You need a vacation from retirement? :dubious:

BTW, you can have a Primo’s shipped to you. Even next day, it’ll still be miles better than JJ’s.

I wouldn’t think I’d die going to a resort in Punta Cana either, but that’s been happening with some frequency recently. :dubious:

Do you miss red, missred? :stuck_out_tongue:


Better off checking with a jungle employee.
Pepper steak has been consumed; Birdseye will get a Bobbio call/email tomorrow. At least when the package exploded the rice was contained…to the inside of the microwave. Of course I have a turntable microwave so it’s almost all the way around the inside instead of a blowout in just one spot :mad:

It’s pouring outside.

Yeah, I kinda do. At least I’m having fun as a blonde. :smiley: