A journey thru the MMP

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then I’m up to a billion miles of journeys just for this year!
I will probably end up in a country that begins with “C” this summer, but I don’t know which one yet. If Canada doesn’t happen, then Plan B looks to be the Czech Republic. There’s also a possibility of a worcation towards FCDaughter’s way, but Iduno about that one yet.

Pre-hijack question of the week: What are you [del]vacation[/del] go-away plans for this year.
Bowser, We’re looking to getting a “white dust” storm tomorrow; about 12" worth! :eek:

First! It’s good to be juvenile! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 43 Amurrkin out and cloudyish with a predicted high of 57 and rain later this mornin’/afternoon/night. ICK! I shall deliver a bunch of food/cleanin’ supplies from the church house over to the Neighbors In Need mission this mornin’ before the rain gets here. Beyond that, I may clean da cave. Or not.

No big vacation plans this year. Then again, both of us are pretty much homebodies.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then purtification must commence.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Second! Slightly less juvenile than Swampy!

My plans for the year have so far included a weekend away for a friend’s birthday where we stayed in a barn conversion on a farm in the middle of nowhere, Derbyshire.

Then there are two four-day breaks to Welsh Wales for music festivals (just done AOR, got Prog Rock this week), a couple of weeks at work and then we’re off to south-eastern Utah for two weeks in April. We fly into Phoenix and out of Denver, and I’m driving us most of the way in between, stopping off at various national parks on the way.

We are planning a weekend in Antwerp in May then in August we have a week travelling between Boston and Washington DC by train (stops to be planned at some point). We’re considering Australia or New Zealand again for xmas/new year but that depends on flights costs and suchlike. And at some point, I’ll be taking a few days down south to take my doting parent to visit the family graves.

What an exciting life…

I don’t think we’ll be doing any traveling or vacationing this year, alas. I had booked us on a cruise, but when I realized we can get a much better deal by waiting till the last minute, I canceled, thinking maybe we can get a deal later this summer. So we shall see.

Meanwhile, once the weather is consistently decent, I plan to take a few days off here and there to tidy up the yard. But that’s about it.

**FCD **got home right around 8 last night, sore and exhausted. Higgs was happy to see him, and I know my sweetie was glad to be home. He’s taking today off (he was going to be off anyway) and he was sleeping when I left.

Speaking of which - it was dark for my commute. Dammit. Last week, it was fairly light when I unlocked the side door at the office. Not today, tho. Stoopit time change.

From the looks of the weather report this morning, our little corner of the state is getting almost nothing of the impending Snowpocalypse, but my mom is in the 10"+ zone. As long as she doesn’t lose power, she’ll be good. Depending on how bad it is, she might have to wait a couple of days for the plow guy to come by. I’ll probably call her tonight.

Other than that, just another morning in paradise. Happy Moanday!

Third! Or whatever.

My class is over. I got an A!!! I also have Spring Break this week, but sadly, due to impending weather that has a 50-50 chance of actually happening, thanks to some mountains and such, no travel to exotic places will be happening.

Irk is irk. I tested for a promotion on Firday at my agency, and since I’m a veteran entitled to 10 points added to my test score and since I know how to do sentence calculations (and know that no one has to do them by hand; there’s software for that), I should have a decent score. Now I just have to wait until positions actually open up.


Bossette says that listening to talk shows on Youtube is inappropriate. Listening to music is appropriate.

Is it appropriate to listen to a song called “Fuck authority”? Cos that’s what I’m doing…

My next vacation will be to the Fixit Shop for a new head gasket. I don’t get to go to fun places. :frowning:

They’re calling for Wintry Mix tomorrow in the county where I work. Nothing for the county where I live. This might get interesting in a bad way.

Happy Moonday!

I have been up since @1:30 am, couldn’t sleep, so I got up. I washed my blanket, loaded the dishwasher, straightened a few things, let the dog out, let the dog in, fed the dog, washed his food and water bowls, gave him fresh water, brushed the cat, ordered a mattress gripper thingie for my bed because I’m tired of pushing the mattress back into place, played WWF, watched Rosemary and Thyme again, ate the rest of my pizza, paid a bill, looked up when *Miss Marple * is on this week and found out Poirot is on this week as well, learned about Daher Decorative Ware from England - I wanted to make sure there’s no problem with lead paint before I try using the bowl to feed the dog, and looked up Sah-son’s Cultural Anthropology assignment because he was bitching about it. I think it looks like fun, so I’ll be tossing out some ideas for him. The only thing I think is hard about it is that it’s a 200 word essay and I don’t know how anybody can write an essay in only 200 words. Unless you don’t include the introductory paragraph and the concluding paragraph in those 200 words. 200 words is not an essay, 200 words is one long paragraph or two short ones.
Anyway, the topic of the essay is to take some aspect of American culture and write about it as though you are from another culture and it is foreign to you.
My first thought of a topic is the America’s obsession with football, and being that neither one of us like or understand it, he can write about it from the POV of a foreigner. But he could also go with twitter, or facebook, or sitcoms, or fast food, or nascar, or using narcotics, or helicopter parenting. I’ll just toss out some ideas and let him run with it.

Congrats on the A Rockin’

Wow! BooFae Sounds like fun, if it weren’t for the flying part.

Oh yeah, it’s cold outside, a whopping 20 degrees. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow and Wednesday. I wonder if dishes can be installed in the snow? I don’t want anybody falling off my roof.

No travel plans for me. No vacation plans. No moving plans, either.
If any of my friends, who keep promising to come up this way and never do, make it up this way, there is a little diner in WV I want to drive out to. We used to stop there when we went to WV for vacations when I was a kid, and it might be fun to go check it out.

So Spidey, why are you possibly moving?

I have to go to irk at 6pm, I hope I get some sleep before then.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Closing shift tonight. I’m going to L.A. in August for the hockey booster club convention, but apart from that nothing much. No snow here, nut some A.M. rain Tuesday overnight.

Congrats on the “A”, Rockin’!

Sounds like it’s time to blast some N.W.A. :smiley:

I think Spidey is traveling, but not moving.

This summer I am planning on hosting, not traveling. The eclipse is going over my house and we have folks descending upon us to see it. It should be fun.

There is not enough milk for cereal. I foresee shopping in my future.

Happy Moanday.

blurf Spring break is in full swing here and we are bizzy.

I just went and paid almost 2K$ for beer for the bowling center. Last week it was wine for another base bar. The joys of being a gov’t credit card holder.


I have erranded and am now back in da cozy warm cave. ‘Tis cloudy, damp and chilly out but no rain as of yet. I have beast stew simmerin’ away in a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig slow cooker. Beast stew and corn bread will be wunnerful on a day like today. I plan to just chill the rest of the day. The desire to clean is not within me.

Rockin’ congrats on the A!

Butters, I had one of those cards when they were passing it out to almost everybody; only used it a couple of times but it was a hassle to do the paperwork, IIRC.

Rockin’ Congrats on the A, hope a promotion is in your near future.

FCM, glad FCD got home well. That’s a lot of driving.

Sari, that’s more than I do in a week!

Nava, I recommend this for your playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsEwK69LXjQ

Cold and wet is the forecast for today, and temperatures will stay down until next week, when we start to see 70F again. No snow, however.

Dentist appointment 2sDay Morning, just a cleaning and exam. Not expecting any problems. Can’t grow hair on my head, but the teeth are still good.

As for travel, I’m going to DC in April because (1) I haven’t been in some time and (2) the March for Science is on 22 April and I sorta want to be there for that. Then the big vacation is a cruise in the Baltics (Stockholm, Tallin, Helsinki, St. Petersburg) in June/July and I’m adding a side trip to Copenhagen and Oslo. And that should take care of my major travels for the year.

Got up a few minutes late due to Daylight Savings darkness. It was 12° out. Grabbed what I thought was a black balaclava & threw it in my pocket so I could get out the door & start my walk. Pulled it out & realized it was a black liner hat instead. I already had a hat on so I put it back in my pocket & tried to go on but I turned around at a ½ mile & came home as my cheeks wuz froze. Got the balaclava & an extra jacket & went back out for a little bit more before having to come back in & get ready for irk. Even that took some extra time as I had to sit there & thaw for a few minutes before thinking about removing any of the five layers I had on. :eek:

Sunny’s right. Just traveling , not moving. AS of now, the schedule is to be away 7 or 8 weekends between Memorial Day & Labor Day. Don’t think I’m a rich jetsetter. At most, there will be one plane flight, but probably none. The first one will be about $100 all in (travel, 3 nights lodging & all food) + friends & fun. I don’t think I can stay home for that little. A couple of the others will be free lodging & some meals included.
Flytrap, be a pal & stop by, bring in the mail & water the plants. Address is 1600 Pensylvania Ave, Wash, D.C. If the gate is closed, just hop over the fence; if/when security shows up, just tell 'em you’re a friend & have an appointment. Thanks, buddy!

Butters you should talk to TPTB in Recruiting Command. Iffn they feature that $2m receipt in a commercial, I’m sure recruiting would go way up. Heck, I might even enlist! :smiley:

It’s so bright and sunny out, it’s hard to believe that snowpocalypse is almost upon us. Our county is forecast to get mostly rain, so far. But my coworker, who lives a bit north and closer to the Bay is in the 3-6" band, so he may not come in tomorrow. We shall see.

Lunch is soup. Again. I like my soup, so it’s not a problem that it’s the 3rd day in a row that I’m eating it. YUM!!! No clue what supper will be - maybe poke chops? I’ll figure it out as I drive home.

**FCD **called the place where we bought our shed, and it’ll be delivered this afternoon. That way, we don’t have to worry if it does snow, plus **FCD **can go to work on Weds if he’s so inclined. :smiley: I hope they’re done delivering and setting it up by the time I get home. I don’t want to have to park on the road. It’s a loooooooong walk up the driveway. <pose of woe> Morning has gone fast - hope the afternoon will be as speedy.

Make the destination “Cranberry” and I’ll provide the explosives!!! :slight_smile:

Multiple trips to Knoebels and maybe one through Delaware, Maryland and NJ. Yeah — I’m feeling a Diggerland XL in my future but without the car-crushing add-on.

If you are thinking Cranberry, give/message me a list of possible weekends. My summer is kinda booking with June being pretty durn bad from the 5th to the 23rd. Pencilling in a weekend or three and not needing them would feel better than you being around to shoot the crap out of Allegheny County and me not being free.

My travel partner in crime and I are going to Dublin for a week and Edinburgh for a week. I have plans to go to Kentucky in Tocktober for the Thoroughbred makeover. No, I am not taking my horse. She’s been off the track for 13 years, although she was sassy yesterday.

The snowpocalypse here ended up being maybe 2 inches. There will be lake effect snow tonight/tomorrow but I’m far from the lake.

I hate the time change. It was pitch black this morning. I prefer my darkness at the end of the day.

No special travel plans for me. This year my son graduates high school and we will spend extra time together. Also as my parents are getting up there I plan to spend more time visiting, because no regrets.

Besides I have plenty to entertain me close to home, and I plan to enjoy that.

Will head into work soon. Snow coverage in news is always a bit interesting. Should only get 6" or so where I live, expecting over 12" up near Sari. Mom should be spared.

Happy Monday!