The highest grossing movie that didn't use any CG??

What’s the highest grossing movie that didn’t use any CG effects at all? None.

The original Star Wars series was all models and green screens, wasn’t it?

How about the Wizard of Oz or Gone with The Wind?

Did ET use any CG special effects?

That was my guess but this site says that

Are we talking adjusted gross or just straight up numbers? Adjusted, I’d guess Gone with the Wind.

I’m thinking it would be a movie made in the last 10 years or so. Probably a romance or comedy. Wouldn’t be a sci-fi flick for sure.

I just go on faith that any modern Hollywood movie these days has some computer-generated tinkering done. I suppose it calls for a definition of “CG”.

Here’s a list of top grossing films (in non-adjusted dollars I believe). Out of the ones on the first page, the only ones what aren’t special effect driven numbers are “The Passion of the Christ”, “Forrest Gump”, “Home Alone”, “Meet the Fockers” (wtf? #29??), and “Jaws”. “Jaws” was obviously special effects driven but it was from 1975 so I’m guessing that it wasn’t CG.

Was there CG (either subtle or blatant) in the rest of the ones I mention? I guess that’s the question.

“Forest Gump” definitely has CG. That’s how he got to meet the president and stuff like that.

Sorry for the triple post. I keep thinking on this :smiley:

“Meet the Fockers” – I’m guessing that, at the very least, the baby’s mouth was changed via CG to keep mouthing “asshole”
“Forrest Gump” – Gary Sinise’s legs were digitally removed
“Passion” – Never seen it. I probably shouldn’t have said it wasn’t special effects driven though in retrospect.
“Home Alone” – Never seen it except in bits. I’d be really suprised to find out there was no CG but I’m not in a position to say.

I’m staying with my “Jaws” guess.

On the topic of the f/x in Star Wars, I think what that cite means by “computerized” is computer-controlled, not computer-generated. I’m pretty sure the special effects were all models, puppets, and make-up. The breakthrough in computerized special effects in this era would be along the lines of computer-controlled armitures inside the puppets, or using computers to time explosions on sets or models. Remember, the cutting edge in computer graphics at the time looked like this.

I remember reading they actually taught the baby to say “asshole.” They told him it meant “French fries.” Doesn’t like French fries, I guess.

There were computer-generated visuals in Star Wars. Remember the stolen Death Star plans, and Luke’s targetting computer in the trench? Granted, they weren’t much, and they were actually representing computer effects, but they’re probably enough to disqualify the movie, from the OP’s criteria.

I doubt there’s any film at all in the past 10 years that didn’t have any computer effects. Even if the effects aren’t what’s driving the film, you’ll probably have things like making a blue sky a little bluer, or other small touch-ups like that. I suppose it’s possible that the low-budget Blair Witch Project might not have had any, but even there, some effects are very cheap.

My guess is going to be Jaws: Computers were available at the time, but they wouldn’t have been useful for any of the effects used in Jaws, and it’s probably the only Major Blockbuster for which that’d be true. In recent years, inflation might be enough that a less-FX movie might top it, but almost all of those will have subtle computer effects, as mentioned above.

Inflation-adjusted grosses (which really are the only realistic guide) are at According to their list, seven of the top ten films did not have CGI. Gone With the Wind is number one.

I’ve only read the OP, though I saw that RealityChuck was the last poster. I’ll say it was Jaws.

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