The Hiram Key and the Second Messiah

Has anyone read these two books?

I purchased them because they were bestsellers and they covered all the topics that I wanted to learn more about. The trouble is I can’t tell what they’re deducing and what’s historical record.

Can anyone debunk or validate them? They make some really impressive finds about the Turin Shroud, the onrush of civilization after Sumeria, the origin of America, history of the Freemasons, Jesus, the Crusades, Illuminati type organizations… so impressive that, if they’re correct, why didn’t they get a Nobel prize of some sort?

On the other hand, I’m not finding anyone criticizing them, either. I know they couldn’t have been ignored, they’re on the bestsellers lists. Strange times, strange times…

In fact, the only person I found on the Internet who criticized them later posted something about definitive proof that Atlantis existed. His argument was that the Phoenicians landed in South America as a matter of historical record, but they couldn’t have conducted that crossing without ports along the way. The only place they could have stopped, therefore, was Atlantis, which must have been located somewhere between the two landmasses.

Now, a symbolic logic course would let me diagram that as follows:

A -> B -> C -> doggy!

What’s up? If this nut is their only detractor, does that mean they’re above intellectual reproach?

Also, unrelated, when I tried to confirm my registration by clicking on the URL in my e-mail, it took me to a page I couldn’t access because I didn’t have authorization or didn’t log in.

By some wild luck I can post and reply, but the moment I try to edit something I get that same page. I mailed the webmaster yesterday and so far heard nothing. Any ideas?

Also also, the Skeptic’s Dictionary is convinced that the Shroud of Turin has been analyzed and found to be paint. Why do they think this hasn’t been debunked, by Cecil’s column said it has?

Thank you kindly

I read “The Hiram Key”. It was interesting and fun, but I’m not really convinced. They seemed to see masonic symbols in just about everything…

“Look, 2 straight lines! An obvious masonic symbol!”
“Uhh…that’s a railway line, mate.”

Barabas really being “Bar Abba” (Son of God) struck me as a bit odd too…I’m not sure if the Jews really refered to God as Abba (correct me if I’m wrong).

Though it’s a bit strange that I can’t find any debunking of this book anywhere, as it’s fairly well known, and makes some unusual claims.

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And in answer to your main question, no, I haven’t read either of those books, sorry.