The History of Rome Podcast

It can be found here:

Has anyone been listening to it? I’m wondering if it has any fans besides me. It’s the brainchild of this guy named Mike Duncan, and Mike decided to make a podcast about Roman history, starting with the mythic founding of the city or Rome (Romulus and Remus and all that) and ending with the fall of the Western Roman Empire. He’s been doing it for a few years now, and he’s just gotten to the end of Diocletian. He updates pretty much every Sunday, except for cases of holidays and once, his honeymoon, and if you haven’t heard it, it’s worth a listen. It’s also available on iTunes, for those of you who can figure that out.

So, anybody else enjoy it?

I just finished catching up. Its very good, and a pretty epic undertaking given the length of Roman history. Kinda Emperor-centric, but I guess it kinda has to be, as if he widened his scope any it would never end.

Probably the second best history podcast after ‘12 Byzantine Emperors’.


I’ve listened to an episode of it and enjoyed it. I’ve downloaded the rest but not listened to them.

Has anybody listened to “Stuff You Missed in History Class”? I’ve considered taking to podcasting myself just to get rid of that one. They have excellent subjects but it sounds like two cheerleaders like, you know, talking about this like history stuff for bonus points. (“You know what’s so cool about Cleopatra was like she lived where all the pyramids were and she kept dating all these rich and powerful Romans like Caesar and stuff”.)

The worst by far is just called “History Podcasts”. It’s college kids who couldn’t get a non-speaking role in a Junior Samples Community College production of CATS if they supplied their own cat suit who read watered down wikipedia entries in a monotone.

I enjoy History of Rome quite a lot too. IIRC I first heard about it on these boards. I will check 12 Byzantine Emperors as well; sounds like a good podcast to listen to after History of Rome is over.

Personally I like Stuff you Missed in History Class. It’s more conversational and lighter than HoR but quite enjoyable nevertheless.

I really like The History of Rome, although I find that when Dan Carlin (of Hardcore History) does Rome, it’s much more exciting. That said, I never miss either one of these podcasts.

“History off Rome” is great although I find it interesting that Professor Duncan never saw “I, Claudius” until recently.

I’ll check out the Rome podcast.

Did anyone else listen to This Sceptred Isle and* This Sceptred Isle: Empire* on BBC?

Just popped into this thread to see if anyone had mentioned Dan Carlin. I’ve been enjoying his latest “mini-series” on the fall of the Republic. He has a great way of telling the story of the history.

Never heard of History of Rome until now. I’ll have to go get a couple episodes and see if I like it.

You know, I’ve never really thought of looking up such things. Ancient history is my favorite (though I’m more into those wacky Mesopotamians than the Romans), so I’m stoked!

Me. It’s my Walking to Work entertainment. One the 100th Episode now. Great stuff.

I’ll have to check it out. I’m listening now to a Teaching Company course on the Roman Empire that is breathtakingly dull and awful.

Agree. His four part series on the Russian Front was a real eye opener.