The History of Time Travel

This isn’t new (it was from 2014) but I only just saw this after someone in my Facebook feed found it. It’s on Amazon Prime.

It’s a little cheesy but clever faux documentary about the invention of Time Travel. I liked the little touches and background details. It’s only an hour so if you’re interested, it is worth checking out.

It was okay. Worth watching once, definitely.

I saw it a few months ago and enjoyed it quite a bit. Lots of little stuff in the background to watch for.

Samuel Clemens - 1889

Edward Page Mitchell’s The Clock that went Backwards preceded A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by eight years. And included an actual “Time Machine”, which Twain’s story didn’t.

Yes, but it cribbed from the Twain story.

It’s almost as if the author used… TIME TRAVEL! Good catch, “Chronos,” if that’s your real name…