The Hobbit movie(s) anticipation thread

What is James Earl Jones voice like now?

I nominate Sean Connery for the voice of Smaug.

He has experience in the dragon department, right?

I think De Toro did not rule out Ron Perlman.


Although BRIAN BLESSED would work as well.

I’d like any of these:

Derek Jacobi
Peter O’Toole
Geoffrey Rush
Martin Clunes

Or maybe an out-of-left-field choice for comic timing sensibility:

Hugh Laurie

I have no idea who any of those guys are.

I just hope Del Toro doesnt try to match his Hobbit at all costs with the Lord of the Rings movies (like Lucas redesigning the original trilogy to fit better with his new shit). It wouldnt make any sense, as the Hobbit has precisely a very different flavour. I also hope he makes it more digestible thant TLOTR trilogy, but considering that’s Del Toro, I doubt it, he trampled on Hellboy’s finesse and wit like an obese on an ant farm.

P.S: I really disliked LOTR movies, except for the first. I much prefer the Ralph Bakshi flick. But then again, I am no teenager with milk out of my nose, that might explain.

I thought Del Toro decided not to direct after all? Tired of the long drawn-out squabbling, IIRC.

GDT is not directing - he dropped out because he had other commitments and the process was taking a LOT longer than he had allocated.

PJ is now directiong

GDT still has a cowriter credit


Nor do I, but I enjoyed the LOTR films. I’m an old guy with Dom Pérignon running out of my nose.

On the other hand, these movies are expected to have much more of the “serious” story that wasn’t actually seen in the book–the White Council, the Necromancer. And there was stated intent to go for a “hard” PG-13 rating; they’re not interested in making a children’s movie.

I expect that the Hobbit movies will be closer in feel to the LOTR movies than The Hobbit was to The Lord of the Rings. I’d be astonished if they didn’t use elements of the score, and even fragments of scenes shot for LOTR, to explicitly tie them all together.

Do we know for sure that one of Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Fili, Kili, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur etc. was not a dwarf woman? If I remember my appendix from LOTR correctly, dwarf women can have beards, and often go abroad dressed as men.

He isn’t. Peter Jackson is.

However, some of the casting could remain the same.

Jesus Christ, not the “Bearded Dwarven Women” controversy again!! I’ve left that behind with my roleplaying years, I ain’t going back to it.

What’s the controversy? Dwarf women have beards.

In a Pratchett book that’s hilarious, in a Tolkien one that’s just ridiculous ( darn, you got me dragged into it. 10 years of psychotherapy, hypnotism and meditation just down the drain. Ah thank you very much!)

My husband and I just watched the BBC Sherlock, with Martin Freeman as Watson. He was great. I’m very happy with him as Bilbo.

In a book where trees can walk and talk, giant spiders roam the mountains, and ghosts fight battles, bearded females barely scratches the ‘ridiculous’ surface.

Peter Jackson involvement
Martin Freeman involement

How did they deal with the New Zealand union issue?
How did they deal with the PJ LOTR accountant issue?
How did they deal with the MF Sherlock conflict issue?

By the way, did anyone else see the cool “reunion” pictures of the Lord of the Rings cast in this weeks Entertainment Weekly?

It was neat.