The Hobbit: Video Interview With Peter Jackson About Casting

The Hollywood Reporter has a short video clip of Peter Jackson talking about the upcoming filmed version The Hobbit (two films).

The first script is finished and the second script should be finished soon - casting is starting and so far, just Ian McKellen as Gandalf is a “lock” as far as Jackson is concerned.

Cool, thanks for sharing that. I wish Jackson was available to direct it, but del Toro is the perfect alternative.

I’m still not used to seeing the “new” Peter Jackson.

Anyway, I’m kind of surprised they haven’t offered “Elrond” to Hugo Weaving. Has he already said no? Are they just keeping the upper hand for contract negotiation? Has he aged too much?

The only other obvious returnee I can think of is Andy Serkis as Gollum, but since the character only has one scene and the actor won’t be on camera, it’s not that big of a deal.

Frankly, I would have been happy with an all-new cast and creative team, but I’m afraid some kind of half-continuity between the two sets of films could be distracting.

I’ll have to wait until I get home tonight to watch that - thanks for posting it.

I read a couple of months ago on TORn that Ian McKellan had said that the role of Bilbo has been cast, but he (Ian) was keeping his mouth shut about who it was. After reading this thread, I went back over to TORn and see that Peter Jackson is working to dispel rumors that anyone has been cast except for McKellan. Gandalf was just teasing the geeks, I guess!

The strongest unfounded rumors a couple of months ago were that David Tennant was a strong contender for Bilbo. Also that Brian Cox (Daphne Moon’s dad) was to be cast as one of the dwarves.

I saw some of those rumors, and I can’t help feeling it’s all somebody’s geeky fever dream. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan and I’ve no doubt David Tennant has the acting chops, but he seems physically completely wrong for the role. Scaled down to 4 feet tall, he’d be about 3 inches wide.

Sorry, I know who Brian Cox is, but who is Daphne Moon?

I think Peter Jackson himself would make a fine hobbit. Even the new streamlined PJ. He still has that cuddliness and playfulness about him.

The physical therapist/love interest in Frasier.

Oh that’s hilarious. He’s been in a million movies, played some of the most famous characters in the movie world, and gets identified for playing the dad of a minor sitcom character.

Edit to add, sorry for the hijack. Yay Hobbit!

I would love to see Tom Hollander cast as Bilbo - he’s physically perfect to be a Hobbit and is such a wonderful actor. You can cast the dwarves at 5"9 and above and don’t have to spend huge amounts of time worrying about relative sizes.

It would also be fun to see them cast Orlando Bloom as Thranduil, Legolas’ father. Way better than trying to drop Legolas into the narrative somewhere, and with the added 10 years and auburn hair, it would work.

Thranduil was at least 7000 years old by the time Bilbo showed up in Mirkwood. He once resided in Lindon, which was destroyed at the end of the first age.

Of course Legolas was probably at least 3 or 4 thousand years old during the War of the Ring, too. Just a kid, really. :cool:

I saw the suggestion somewhere that Martin Freeman would make a good Bilbo, and I haven’t come up with a better idea yet. He’s got a kind of plain but likable face, and he’s good at playing a sort of innocence or naivety that would fit the younger Bilbo.

It would not surprise me at all to find Legolas inserted into the sequence in Mirkwood. I won’t mind if he’s just in the background in Thranduil’s throne room or some such thing, but I have a feeling he’ll get “promoted” (a bit like Arwen did) since he’s proven so popular.

carlb, that’s exactly who I was thinking of too! I was clicking on your link to see who it was, thinking, “I should look up that guy from Love Actually and *THGTTG *movie - he’d be excellent as Bilbo.”

He would be excellent. I’ll be sad when they inevitably cast someone else who isn’t him.

Once I realized carlb wasn’t talking about Morgan Freeman, I agreed.

I’m just hoping they don’t go too young and pretty with the casting. It worked OK for Frodo, but I think Bilbo needs to be at least believably early-middle-aged. Freeman has kind of an old-young face.

Now of course everyone knows Brian Cox as the voice of the Elder Ood.

What? Not everyone?

Dr. Who reference!

Brian Cox is not typecast in my head or anything, because he’s good in everything he does, but I’ll always think one of his best roles was as the pedophile in L.I.E.

Sorry, another hijack. On topic, I agree with the enthusiasm for Martin Freeman.

This should be good. A Lord of the Rings movie without Frodo. :wink: Frodo was such a pansy, Bilbo was a badass. :wink:

As do I. I sent an e-mail to his agent a year or two ago, urging that Mr. Freeman audition for the role. The man looks like a hobbit, acts like a hobbit (at least when he was Tim Canterbury in The Office, he did, and seems to have enough of a fan base without being some sort of expensive mega-star.

Yes, by the end of the story Bilbo was a badass, but you have to bear in mind that he was a reluctant badass; Bilbo didn’t plan to go on the adventure with Gandalf and the dwarves. Gandalf showed up at Bilbo’s house with a dozen dwarves, and hospitality demanded that Bilbo feed them. He had no plans to go adventuring with a party of militant dwarves.

Peter Jackson should sell the friggin’ diet he did “From Hobbit to Elf: How to lose weight the Middle Earth way”.
Freeman, whom I’d never heard about, would be perfect.

Please NO Tobey Maguire

I thought Brian Cox played guys who are the villains in movies about dudes with lost memories, like X2 and Bourne Identity/Supremacy.

Didn’t he do one more like this?