The homosexual connotations of "Jailhouse Rock".

The relevent lyrics…

All the lyrics…

Was Elvis really professing leanings?

I hope so. He would have been a ground breaker.

Considering Elvis didn’t actually write the song, I don’t think he was professing anything there.

Elvis may have been many, many things but “gay” or “gay-leaning” was not among them.

I know he didn’t write it. But he did record it.

Just as he recorded many a Lieber-Stoller composition.

You’re reaching here, buddy.

Hey Reeder: I was in the service, just like you. Lotsa’ times us guys would work out some fast dance steps with each other in the barracks so we could be cool with the girls Saturday night. It didn’t mean the guys dancin’ were gay.

Did you call the guy you were dancing with the cutest soldier you had ever seen?

Um, no.

But you’re pretty cute, Reeder. At least when you post in Cafe Society. When you get off into The Pit or GD, Man, this Jekyl-Hyde thing happens. You get all outta’ sorts over in those places. Maybe you should just stay here…

Been done before.

County jails can have male and female prisoners.

Not in 1957.

OK Reeder, you win, Elvis was queer. Now go to bed.

Why do you hate Elvis?

You effectively ask whether Elvis is queer, astro says yes, and he’s the one that hates Elvis? :smack:

Because, in the song lyrics of
Pinkard and Bowden:


I didn’t ask if Elvis was gay. I never said Elvis was gay.

I asked if the song had gay connotations about it.

Hell, that’s nothin’.

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

I don’t even want to know what that’s referring to.

Since Elvis is everywhere, I don’t see any problem with the notion that he liked guys. What’s wrong with a bisexual Elvis?

After all, there’s a little bit of Elvis in each and every one of us…

I have seen Graceland, I have seen Elvis’s furniture, I have seen Elvis’s clothes.

He was not Gay.

I have seen Liberace’s home, Liberace’s furniture, and Liberace’s clothes.

He, without a flaming doubt, was Gay.

As to whether Jailhouse rock was hinting about happyhomohijinx in the slammer, I don’t doubt there was a wink and a nod towards that - but when the song was written, I don’t think it was a subtle call to arms for Gay lib…although, it sure would have been a kick to see the Village People sing it back in their heyday.

Elvis in the '68 comeback special was hot as liquid fuck (particularly in the black leather).

Thought I’d just toss that out there.

Yeah…sure…we believe you… :smiley: