The horns of a dilemma: Battlebots toys at McDonalds

On one hand I want them.

On the other hand I hate McDonalds.

On the other hand my four-year-old has to eat somewhere.

On the other hand McDonalds surely can’t be good for him everyday. Can it?

On the other hand these toys won’t last long.

On the other hand …

Hey, don’t go dissin’ McDonalds, now. That there’s some of the best mass marketed eatin’ out there…

However, if you fail to appreciate the delights of the clown, I think most places will just let you buy the toys alone. It’s worth asking, anyway.

They do in fact sell the toys sans meal (thank god, my dogs are fat enough, thanks). Got my little Tentamushi right here!

Hey, that’s nuthin’. In order to get a Junkyard Wars toy, I gotta go to K-Mart.