The Host (no specific spoilers, but some general stuff)

We caught a rainy day matinee of The Host this weekend.

This is essentially a Korean godzilla movie, but is humorous and satirical, not a straight-up stinker like Matt Broderick’s Godzilla. I think a lot of the background involves tension between Korea and the US presence in Korea. There are a lot of jabs at the media and government that I’m sure are more meaningful to a Korean audience, but it’s not much of a stretch for an American to see what they’re getting at.

It’s interesting in that a lot of the forces stymieing the protagonists aren’t necessarily the monster, but the system.

At times, I thought it wandered. . .the action didn’t always lead right to the next scene like typical action movie plotting and there were some odd edits, but there was more to it than just being a straight-up action movie, so that’s not really a criticism.

Some of the scenes were really beautifully shot, including the final battle.

Also, I thought the monster was awesome.

Last point, if you’ve seen the commercial for that new Disney 3D movie with the T-rex saying “I have a big head, and little arms” (which I think is hilarious), then you might have an unintended laugh at one point.

Anyone else catch this?

I saw the film just this very evening. I thought it was actually pretty good, although I’m positive some deep satirical subtext went a little over my head (not being Korean and all). The central family were all endearing in their own way - I especially liked the drunk brother who eventually came into his own by drawing on his radical background.

I thought it was an interesting choice to give the monster so much screen time, as opposed to the quick cutaways and shadowy shots favoured in more recent monster flicks. I thought it was actually pretty effective, allowing the audience to actually see what they’re meant to be so afraid of and realise that shit, yes, it IS a bit scary. It even managed to give the monster a sliver of personality. The CG was okay, but I always got the impression the beast should have made a bigger splash when it enters the water.

Anyway, I enjoyed it, which is all that really counts.

Well, the beast was a good diver.

The way it moved underneath the bridge was pretty cool, too.

That was creepy when the girl tried to grab the rope ladder. . .you know what I’m talking about.

Also, this was at IMDB. It changes the flavor of the film a little.

I thought this was the best monster movie I’ve seen in years. The monster seemed like an animal and not just a plot catalyst. It had definite patterns and habits, instincts, and personality.

I’ve come to expect narrative wandering in Korean films (Save the Green Planet, anyone?), so that didn’t surprise me.

I think too much of this movie is dependent on Korean political and societal systems to make for a good Hollywood remake, but I think they’ll try anyway.

I hope it isn’t bad etiquette to revive a four-year-old thread, but I just saw this movie today. I really liked it but am left with one question: whatever happened to Se-joo’s sister? She turns up alive in the scene where the four family members are eating in the snack shop but then disappears from the story.