The House of the Wolfings (Recommendations for pre-Tolkien high fantasy)

I found this book by William Morris online a few hours ago and started reading it. I’m really loving the poetry and how old fashioned it is. Anyone else read this?

EDIT (that I wanted to add yesterday)

Online text of The House Of the Wolfings

Also, does anyone know of any good pre-Tolkien high fantasy?

The usual suspects are Dunsany, Eddison and Morris.

You could check out The Worm Ouroborus by E. R. Eddison, The King of Elfland’s Daughter by Lord Dunsany and more William Morris, like The Wood Beyond the World, although I, personally, didn’t really take to Morris. That was 30+ years ago though, so I mabye should try him again!

Is “Worm Ouroborus” the one set on Mercury where they repeat everything over again?

Yes, it is. His other books are loosely connected to it.

Your link didn’t work, because of an extra “http://” Try this:

Yeah, if you want poetry and old-fashioned, those are the biggies. I know The King of Elfland’s Daughter is the Dunsany that’s most often mentioned, but I personally prefer The Charwoman’s Shadow or some of his short stories (e.g. "The Fortress Unvanquishable, Save for Sacnoth).

Beyond that, you could look at some of the books that were published in the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series. Some are pre-Tolkien, and others at least are from before Tolkien’s influence on the genre became so dominant.

There’s also this one-volume anthology.

Thanks, Thudlow! That anthology looks good :slight_smile: