The Hubble telescope.

I was watching a story about the telescope on tv the other night (I love that stuff), and they talked about how tight time sharing is on it.
Beautiful pictures, btw.
I think that it;s about time we sent up a new one. We’ve learned a lot about how to best construct and deploy one and there’s a lot to look at out there.
Earth crossing asteroids, for example. :smiley:

Agreed, though, the Hubble has been one of the best things to come along for astronomy! Great science, and great source of desktop wallpaper pictures, too :slight_smile:

Of course, not being built for optical astronomy, the NGST won’t be providing us with nearly the same level of pretty pictures.

The science results, though, should be as good or better…

Boo hoo.
I want pictures.

C’mon - don’t you people watch Fox? Everyone knows the Hubble was a hoax like the moon landing. All this “science” come from two guys named Larry sitting in a room with a paint set. :smiley:

When I was in college, I got to take a tour of the Sunnyvale Lockheed factility, and we got to see the HST in storage in their big cleanroom.

It was a most impressive sight. The thing stood on end, and was big as a boxcar. I remember it struck me how big the thing was. Big as a damned boxcar…

Then a clumsy technician accidentally tore some of the foil covering. As the foil slowly ripped and fell away, we could see lettering: S-O-U-T-H-E-R… and below that, P-A-C-I-F…

The tourguide rushed us out of the observation chamber and into a small conference room. There, someone screamed about seeing puffs of gas from the ventilation ducts.

The next thing I know, I’m waking up in a Tijuana brothel with a blinding headache, no wallet and no shoes. When I made my way back to Sunnyvale, Sunnyvale was gone. It was just a huge fucking parking for San Jose. The cops said it had always been that way.


Parking LOT.