The Hunger Games: Catching Fire teaser trailer

I’ve read the books, but this is the only trailer I’ll watch until it’s released. This looks pretty good to me though. I love the haunting Rue whistle at the end of the trailer.

I thought the first movie and the first book were equally good in their own ways, and I’m thinking that the movies Catching Fire and the two Mockingjay movies will be even better than the books (though I plan to skip the 2nd Mockingjay movie).

For those who haven’t read the books, but liked the first movie and don’t want to be spoiled at ALL, I’d suggest not watching this or any other trailer, and don’t read reviews or articles.

It looks very promising although I was rather amused that the District 12 greeting looks like the Deutscher Gruß.

As for the books I always thought Hunger Games was rather slow but Catching Fire and especially Mockingjay went much faster.

Why don’t you plan to see the second Mockingjay movie?

WTF? They’re going to make Mockingjay into two movies? For fuck’s sake, WHY???$???

Goddammit, this is going to be a fucking thing now, isn’t it? I bet Peter Jackson is pissed he didn’t think to do it with ROTK (but that’s probably why he felt the need to do The Hobbit in three).

Shit. :mad: Damn you [whoever made the decision to split the last Harry Potter book in two]. Just damn you straight to hell.

I don’t really understand the problem here. Does it just bother people that they will make more money? I for one want everyone involved in the entertainment I enjoy to be paid well, and I get more of the stuff I want to boot. I understand if you think it makes the movies worse, but I disagree with most of the current examples.

I’ll grant you that The Hobbit is stretched all to hell and the pacing is probably not as good as if it would have been a single movie (and thus much more suited to the actual book’s length), but I don’t think it actually hurts the quality enough to counter how much better it will be to have just a lot more of it. The last two LotR movies actually felt quite rushed to me and I really wish they would have had the breathing room they would no doubt get if they were made today.

Harry Potter though, that was absolutely the right decision artistically as well as financially. The first movie may have been a little slow, but the big finale was the best film of the franchise I think, and it absolutely would not have been if they had to spend the first half of it setting everything up for the big battle. I feel the same way about Mockingjay, there’s just so much ground to cover that I think it absolutely necessary in order to to the story justice.

Because I hated it with the passion of a thousand suns. It was a terrible, terrible ending in so many ways, I would have thrown the book across the room except that I was reading it on my iPod Touch. It was bad enough in my imagination. I don’t need to see it played out on film. In this case, I’m very glad the book was split into 2 movies.

I think splitting Mockingjay is a good thing as well; it felt way too rushed. There’s no way Panem would have been that easy to penetrate.

Catching Fire seems very faithful to the book. It implied in the book, but I don’t think outright stated, that the 75th anniversary “Hunger Games Survivor All Star” theme was the idea of Snow rather than the “sealed in an envelope (kept in a mayonaisse jar on Funk and Wagnall’s front porch) since the inception of the games” official version; this movie seems to state it outright.

Oh, boy. Come on, November!!!

I’ll see them all but if I had to skip one it’d be Mockingjay Pt.I
Isn’t the whole first half of this book spent underground and they venture out twice maybe? Not much of a movie there.

Given that Mockingjay ended with

Katniss being deflowered by Peeta (except the epilogue, of course)

that 2nd MJ movie is the one I’m most looking forward to. :wink:

But seriously… how are they going to end it? They surely can’t end it with that?!?

The wording is so subtle that there’s an equal chance Collins was writing about their first kiss after the end of the war or their first “date” or their wedding. I imagine they’ll go with the wedding to tie it into Catching Fire.

At least it looks like they have a larger budget to work with this time.
The Cornucopia in the first movie looked like they went over budget and only had enough money left for plywood and black spray paint to build it.

no actually, this is a second chance at re-writing the third book. i hope the movie is different.

One thing I think is interesting about the teaser trailer is that it doesn’t at all reveal that (spoiler for the book and movie)

Katniss has to compete again

Which, in the current climate of trailers that give away 90% of the movie’s plot, is a welcome change.

I think it was on SDMB that I read Suzanne Collins herself wasn’t happy with Mockingjay, but she had contractually obligated to produce exactly three books with the approximate length of each spelled out, which was why the battles for the capitol seem to be only slightly more horrific than a Greendale Community College pillow fight.

Since the scene where she stripped Peeta was missing from the movie version of Hunger Games, I am hoping that in the name of artistic integrity they’ll strip him in the new one.

And please don’t let the crowd in District 11 break into a Harlem Shake. Yes, I get that it would be a nice tie in, but the meme will be over by then and I think it would dishonor Rue’s memory.

I think they just wrapped filming on that part, so maybe they don’t have it edited all nice and presentational yet. I’m sure it will appear in the full trailer, I don’t think they’d keep those visuals completely under wraps.

A new longer trailer is out now. I broke down and watched it, and it looks good. I don’t know why I said I wasn’t going to watch anything else in my OP. I’ve read the books, several times (except the ending of Mockingjay, which I’ve read once and never want to read again) so it’s not like I’m going to be spoiled or anything.

Sorry about that Yahoo link. The trailer isn’t up on YouTube yet.

I think that’s the idea.

“Catching Fire” was by far the best of the three books.

I am so stoked for this movie, which surprises me because I didn’t much care for the book and actively disliked the third one.

I don’t get the hate for the third book. I think it was the most realistic in that Katniss became a complete mess as a result of her trauma. I also liked the inevitable corruption of the movement to overthrow the Capitol. It was horrific, which is good, because that’s what war is.

I’m looking forward to the movie, but I’m not as excited about it as I was about the first one.

I thought the third felt incredibly rushed, killing Prim was a way to end the Gale/Peeta triangle, and no military would have put up with a crazed Peeta during the assault. He was a liability and would have had an “accident.”