The Hunter is home from the hill: Ed McBain dead.


I cannot believe how long his career lasted. From Blackboard Jungle, over the Birds and all those books from 87th. The man was productive.

I am a long time hard core McBain/Hunter fanatic who has had e-mailed communication with him.

I am devestated :frowning:

And he was just two days from retirement. NO-O-O-O-O-O-O!

Oh, wrong McBain, huh?

Random memory from some episode of Twilight Zone/Night Gallery/(other TV show along those lines):

“There aren’t any more McBains.”

Never heard of the man, but I bow my head in respect anyway.

Damn. I must have read 30 of the 87th Precent books between the ages of 13 and 15. Good stuff. Very good stuff.

That’s a shame. At the library this past Saturday, I stumbled across an 87th Precinct novel I’d missed reading. I was so excited! Now, no more.

I’ll never know if Fat Ollie was turning into a human or not.

Since Hunter knew he was dying, I hope he finished Exit. In fact, I hope he finished the entire alphabet series. He only had five letters left besides “E.”

For a really really good McBain read, get “Downtown.” No, it’s not the “D” book for the 87 precient (that’s “Doll”). Not a part of a series at all. Just McBain/Hunter at his best.

He had been hoping to last long enough to beat P. G. Wodehouse’s record for number of years writing about one character. Wonder if he has a bunch of books already written and put aside to be published after his death, finishing off his series like Agatha Christie.

I just checked. I have 65 books of his. I doubt if there’s anybody starting out today that I’ll want to buy 65 books from.

He was a master.

I was looking at the obit, and there was no mention of King’s Ransom which was adapted for the silver screen as High and Low by none other than one of the true legends of cinema Akira Kurosawa.

He went to the high school my Dad taught at, Evander Childs in the Bronx, and was one of their most famous alumni. He also went to Hunter College (like my Mom, although a decade and a half before) and Dad seems pretty sure that he chose his new name (he was born Salvatore Lombino) by compressing the name of his HS and adopting the name of his college for his last one. I’d be interested to know if there’s any truth to it.

RIP. When I worked in a library his new stuff flew off the shelves.

I wonder if they’ll just find someone else to continue like they do for Lawrence Sanders and Robert Ludlum. I heard that a couple Robert Ludlum’s came from his own outlines but I have no idea if that’s true.

Mehitabel, I read somewhere that was exactly how he chose his first nom de plume.

One of my favorites. RIP.


I have a couple of colleagues who wrote some books about Hitchcock’s collaborators (Hunter wrote The Birds) and they introduced him to me once (I’m a gigantic fan of his). It’s absolutely true.

I didn’t realizse so many Dopers were fans of Hunter/McBain. But of course, Dopers like the best. Actually, Evan/Ed wasn’t the best: He was the only.

Two good websites are Mcbain’s official site and this Swedish one. McBain was huge in Sweden, and one of his last books was called “Money, Money, Money” (think ABBA). One of his best.

Also, here’s the NYTimes obit

I never actually got around to reading any 87th Precinct, though I always intended to, and I will someday. However, his Every Little Crook and Nanny is on my shelf of favorite humorous books.

Did you notice that the obit lists one more 87th Precinct novel and it’s not Exit?

I can’t find any source that says he actually wrote it.

Neither can I sigh. I was hoping it would be the ultimate battle between Carella and the Deaf Man.

Exapno Mapcase, could you e-mail me for some private McBain discussions?

But Hark! just came out. I doubt he’d have done another Deaf Man so soon.

Thanks for the link to the obit, by the way. The Denver Post printed a mutilated version of that this morning.