the hush drops

I am Not sure if this thread should be in this forum or in CS. seeing as the band is from Chicago I think it belongs here. have any of you Windy City dopers heard of this amazing band? I’ve been following them for about 10 years and just had my first chance to see them in Madison Wisconsin. they just released a wonderful double vinyl in mono. if you haven’t heard of them you must go check them out sorry I can’t put up any links.

The band from Chicago is now called The Hush Sound. Not really to my taste, but I wanted to comment on their release on vinyl (a good thing) in mono (a bad thing). Stereo vinyl can sound great, but when you mix it down to mono you get two, full channels mooshed into one and the result is shit, with the color and detail gone. Mono in this case is an affectation, and a negative one, especially as their style is “pretty.” With pretty, especially when the singer has a weak, whispy voice, you need to go all out to enrich the sound.

I have to disagree I have heard some of the old Beatles The Who and The Kinks in mono and in stereo I can’t really see one is better or worse they are just different

Listen on a halfway decent system, without distractions, and you will see. In my case the “halfway decent” system is usually an old, $20 portable CD player and some okay earplugs I think I paid $15 for. The key is “without distractions.” Everything sounds similar at a party.

Oh, and the point to the exercise is to train your ears so that nothing sounds good enough, ever again. It’s how audiophiles get their start. :wink: I remember a trade show where (I think it was) JBL was showing how good a concert DVD by James Taylor, of all people, could sound when filtered through $150,000 worth of 7.2 audio system. I’ll listen to anything if it’s recorded well.

Hi there!

The band the original poster is referring to is called Hushdrops (I know this mainly because…it’s my band).

I also realize mono is not to everyone’s taste, but ours was indeed a dedicated mono mix which was designed that way from the very beginning of the project (rather than the summing of two stereo channels, which I agree is not an especially pleasing sound). It is a sound I personally love - most records from the “mono era” tend to hit me a little harder in their mono mixes, and…even later records (like My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless) which use minimal or no separation can sound a little “heavier” due to the virtues of the format.

I don’t know the Hush Sound, myself, but…I suppose two regionally adjacent bands with similar names are doomed to this sort of periodic identity confusion.

alted315, thanks for the kind words, and thanks for coming to the gig in Madison.

No thank you John for the wonderful show I met you there I was the guy with Todd Rundgren t-shirt and said he I was a friend of Weavils

Oh, that’s a very different sound! Mono mixes are best for music with some body to it. Did you mix it for AM car radios, like in the 60s? Stereo mixes of those songs never sound right, even if you flip the mono switch and fiddle with the tone controls.

ETA: Oh, and from the thread title I thought a record by The Hush had been very recently released. Oops!