The "Idiot Abroad" Marathon

No foolin’ - today is, appropriately, the Science Channel’s “Idiot Abroad” Marathon, beginning at 9:00 EDT. There are six I haven’t seen, and my Tivo’s all set up to record Karl stumbling through the bucket-list adventures.

I haven’t watched the show. I’m vaguely offended by the very concept of it. Which is quite strange, as I watch and enjoy the Ricky Gervaise Show on HBO which is more or less the same thing without the travel component.

You know, I thought this would be about someone actually going to Marathon

I’ve seen both seasons. Karl “Dilkington” is one of my favorite people in the world and makes me laugh like no other. I’ve listened to all their old radio stuff from when they first met Karl, all the podcasts, watched the animated stuff. All hilarious. But I didn’t find An Idiot Abroad funny. I think Karl needs Ricky to be really funny.

It’s ok seeing all the places as a travel show, but it’s mostly him moaning, and not in the funny way I’m used to. And with Karl being so likeable, Ricky trying to wind him up from afar comes off as a little cruel.

An Idiot Abroad is not a barrel of wall to wall laughs. It’s not meant to be. I found the show very funny. And even the humor isn’t sit-comy-bang-you-over-the-head-with-the-laughtrack funny, Have found myself laughing so hard tears come. But I do agree on Ricky coming off as a mean little fuck. Yes, Karl is small-minded and provincial, but that doesn’t mean it’s O.K. to torture him. And there seems to be little need of it, as Karl will whine and moan no matter what.

The interesting thing is when he actually cuts through the “travelese” mentality and comes off as being more authentic than most travelers. I just watched the “Brazil” episode, and I empathized with his desire to sit on a secluded beach, rather than the incessant crowds and noise he’d been dealing with . . . even though his secluded beach turned out to be a nudist beach. And when he finally got to the Christ statue, he was justifiably put off by the crowds and exorbitant beverage prices . . . then thoroughly enjoyed it from a helicopter.