the idiots I work with

I’m sorry to say that my situation is probably very common, but I can’t help but looking at mhy colleagues and wondering how in the hell they got into this profession, and what the hell they’re doing. Most of the people around me are so freakin’ stupid! They don’t read. They don’t ask questions. They don’t appear to do anything that increases their understanding of the world around them. They get no smarter or keener in their approach to things from day to day or from year to year. They follow rules as if they’re handed down from god (as if even THOSE couldn’t be questioned), they do things the same way over and over, despite the fact that the world changes, they don’t grow, they don’t do anything. I have a friend in an arts organization who makes me extremely jealous every time we talk about our work. He respects all the people he works with - for good reason - they’re all extrememly competent, bright, witty, good people to work with. In a building with 75 people, I’m lucky to find 3 who have a half a brain. God, they’re such idiots. Ah, I feel better already. Anyone else?

out of curiosity, what’s the field you’re in that has so many idiots?

Are you a Gov’t worker?

Tsk, tsk. Check the profile, Wolfie. CC’s a teacher.

Ok, I’ll say it, much as I hate to. Yes, I’m a government worker - I’m a teacher.

:rolleyes: so I didn’t read the profile. Sue me.

CC, my sister’s a teacher, too. From what she’s told me about the intellect of many (but not all) educators, we’re doomed. On the bright side, you can always mess with your co-workers’ heads. I’m sure they deserve it.

For me(as a student) I’ve seen some really dumb teachers and some really smart ones, and most were average. I do think however that teachers complain entirely too much.

I think teachers have the job from hell and the good ones who stay in it are saints.

The stupid ones, and I have met several, are there for goodness knows what reasons. (it’s not the money, its not the working environment, and if don’t care about kids or teaching, what is going through their minds?)

As far as I’m concerned (as a student) teachers can complain all they want. They are probably right.

Child - I’ve been at this for a little bit now (32 years) and I think I know why some people get in and stay forever, even though they don’t make much money, etc. It’s this: many of them have not been shown that they are not particularly good. They don’t know much better - they simply are replaying tapes of their OWN school experience. If they put in very little effort, if they appear to be doing no harm, no one messes with them. With little effort, they can live a minimally benign existence within the classroom, their oversights and errors can be forgotten or overcome to some extent by the rest of the system, and they go blithely along, doing next to nothing. It’s an easy job for those who aren’t committed to it. For those of us who are, they’re boils on our asses. I have absolutely no respect for them. Worse, I have disrespect for them, but most of my energy is better spent on my love for my kiddos and my concern for the development of their academic character. But those loser teachers - they really piss me off. ok, done for a little while. gotta go grade papers. xo C.

CC -Kudos to you, I have the utmost respect for all teachers.

I don’t think that in my 15 years as a student that I’ve ever had what I would consider a bad teacher. I’ve had a couple of teachers who taught at a level above my head, but I’ve never experienced one of those teachers who just don’t care. I’ve also had scores of teachers who were extremely enthusiastic about their job.

I consider myself very lucky.

I deal with a number of idiots at work, but one employee in particular, Miles, is dumber than water.
That’s Miles.

…perhaps I should be worried that he might recognize his name here…

…nahh, too stoopid.

The people I work with aren’t stupid, but the’re damned unappreciative sometimes. I planned our office holiday party (which mostly involved calling around to find an available restaurant) and fer chrissakes, I know not every one of our 40 expected guests are going to love the restaurant. But do you have to whine about it? I’m sorry, there will not be a place that makes everyone happy. This year is, apparently, not your year to luck out. Consider volunteering next year, maybe? Suck it up and stop bitching.

One person I work with is slowly getting stupider. His doctor apparently swears there is nothing wrong but we’re all noticing it. He’s in denial and fairly hostile about it, so we all tiptoe around and are slowly trying to build some checks into his work so we don’t get embarrassed some day. Christ.