The Internet and national borders

It the Internet breaking down national borders or making them more difficult to cross?


Which is to say: This question probably belongs in Great Debates or IMHO, but it shows so little effort on your part that it wouldn’t get a good response there, either.

I see what you mean. I’m new here and just learning how things work.

I’m in the U.S and I’ve been on the Internet for 7 years. It seems to me that, as far as for people who have access to the Internet, that borders are falling. But I want to know how people from other countries feel about it and how will this trend affect people not on the Internet, or for that mater those without computers or even electricity.

Welcome to the boards. Stick around – you’re catching on quickly. This quite likely will get transferred to GD, but I hope someone comes up with some good data before that happens. (I rarely venture into GD.)

FWIW – I’m in the U.S. also – I’d think you could make a case either way, but from where I’m sitting it seems to be more an opening of borders than otherwise. It is easy to get relatively current information and opinions on the Web from just about anywhere these days. People who formerly would have had no voice whatsoever can now get an international audience simply by blogging, posting on a message board, or starting a web site.