The internet saved my life!!!

Does anyone else thing this is bogus?,1282,46456,00.html

Any facts here, or do we need to just trust Wired’s reporting?


Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see anything particularly hard to believe in that article.

A man suffers an injury that leads to a complete and seemingly permanent memory loss. Instead of trying to regain his lost memories he seems happy to leave them behind describing himself (with the advice of family and loved ones) as some sort of major SOB in his ‘previous’ life.

Content to let his old self go and begin building his new self he latches on to the internet as a major source of information and motivation. Big deal…could have been painting or auto mechanics or whatever.

It all seems pretty straightforward to me.

Well, it’s just that he couldn’t remember how to shower, but he use his PC just fine…?

One of the classic manifestations of post-traumatic amnesia is an oddly selective memory.

It’s under “spared learning memory amnesia” on Google, if you want to browse around.

Wasn’t there an almost identical case of complete past memory loss on 20-20 or similar TV news magazine about a man who lost his memory and was trying to regain it and someone recognized him as a small time con man and deadbeat dad. When the show went back to interview him a second time with this info he was a lot more defensive about his “ailment”.