The "Introducing" credit in films

It seems to have fallen out of favor in the last decade or two. Anyone know why?

The end of the studio system? The fact that most actors get their start on TV first? The vaguely patronizing tone?

While we’re at it, what exactly was it intended to mean? The actor’s first appearance of any kind in any medium? The first first featured performance in film (not counting television)?

It’s still alive and well in gay porn, FWIW.

I think it is because people rarely start with a major part in a film. They have been in TV or smaller film roles or commercials and such.

It is still used occasionally in an ironic way. IIRC, the opening credits for Ocean’s Eleven include “Introducing Julia Roberts.”

I can think of three recent films that had an introducing credit.

Dream Girls

Introducing Jennifer Hudson


Introducing Nikki Blonsky


Super Bad

Introducing Christopher Mintz-Plasse

It’s embarassing when the film that introduces you is your last big film. IIRC, The Legend of the Lone Ranger “introduced” Klinton Spillsbury, who promptly disappeared. Similarly, IIRC, The Magnificent Seven “introduced” Horst Buccholz, who then appeared in such wonders as John Goldfarb, Please come Home!

It’s not always the case. What’s Up, Doc “introduced” Madeline Kahn**, who stayed around.

But, alas, not long enough.

The 1976 remake of King Kong introduced Jessica Lange, who has had a huge career, winning two Academy awards.

Closing credits. “Introducing Julia Roberts as Tess.” And then the horrid Ocean’s 12 closed with “Introducing Tess as Julia Roberts.”

And that, folks, was the one funny moment in that movie.

I must strongly object to this statement.

There were no funny moments in Ocean’s 12.

I concede.

Hey, I thought John Goldfarb, Please come Home! was a minor kitschy masterpiece, in a surreal kind of fever dream way. And it reminds me that Shirley MacLaine was a major hottie in her day.