The introduction of a lightning physicist

Hi all,

I’ve been lurking on this board for some time, and have just decided to make an account and actually participate.

A little about myself. I’m a physicist. I got my PhD in Florida about four years ago studying lightning. I now have a research position in the Netherlands studying lightning, and am enjoying a reasonable amount of success. I love talking about lightning, so please ask if you have any questions about it!

Otherwise, I enjoy philosophy, trying to figure out how stuff works even outside of physics, and getting angry at politicians. So I hope I am able to fit in here!

Welcome. Can we get another flavor other than orange?

Welcome! I, for one, look forward to seeing where your participation takes us (and you, of course).

What were some of the most interesting observations about lightning that you made while pursuing your PhD?

Welcome to the board and is orange Tang still a thing?

Is your most common question about lightning striking twice? And do you have a canned smartassed reply?

Welcome to the Dope!

As a lightning scientists, what do you believe would be the best and safest path to obtaining lightning-based super powers?

I assume in a few seconds we’ll be hearing from a thunder physicist.

Welcome to the boards! Years ago I was talking with a very educated and intelligent adult during a thunderstorm, and I mentioned something about knowing how far away a lightning strike was by the time between the light and the thunder, and after several moments of total confusion realized they didn’t know that lightning and thunder had any connection to one another. Ever since I’ve made a point of teaching this science fact to my classes.

Anyway, I’m glad you’re here, and trust your contributions to board knowledge will be enlightening.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Someone has to ask about ball lightning, right? What’s up (pun intended) with that?


I thought he might have his own chicken dish.

Flash-cooked no doubt! :wink:

What’s the difference between lightning and electricity?
You don’t have to pay for lightning.

Welcome! I’m sure we’ll get a real “charge” out of talking to you. Glad you joined this forum!


Can the colour of lightening be affected by the composition of the atmosphere?

And can we get a sprite with that?

How long do you have to “study” lighting to realize you flip the switch one way to turn it on, and the other to turn it off?

I hope he hasn’t bolted out of here already. That would be a strike against the Doper community.

< claps >

I’d be shocked!

Hopefully, he’s not too thor about all the puns.

Since s/he said they’ve been lurking a while presumably they accept the risk of puns.