The Iowa caucuses: a note from the real world.

The BBC have a pre-caucus report from Iowa.

Money quote: “Everything’s divisive in Washington.”

Round up the usual suspects!

Truly insightful.

The sarcasm is warranted, and Lord knows people have been saying that with a fair degree of truth for a long time, but it’s worth remembering that this didn’t used to be true anywhere near to the extent that it is now.

For instance, one party of Congress wouldn’t used to hold up Executive branch and lower court appointments wholesale. That only started to happen during Obama’s Presidency.

I don’t think the sarcasm’s warranted. The whole quote is along the lines of everything is divisive in Washington, but here it is not. That is actually pretty insightful. New research has shown a tremendous divide in what that the populace cares about vs. what politicians talk about and what is reported on most frequently in the news. It’s easy to mock people when you distort the meaning of what they say.

The Iowa caucuses explained in two minutes with Lego:

It has a couple of mistakes. First, “undecided” is treated like a candidate - that is, if at least 15% of a caucus’s participants commit to “undecided”, then they don’t split up and go to other groups. IIRC, “Undecided” won the 1976 Iowa caucus.

Second, the link to the page that shows the “convoluted math” used in determining delegates leaves out the fact that it shows how each precinct sends delegates to a county convention. The county conventions work pretty much the same was as the precinct caucuses, to elect delegates to both a congressional district convention (which votes in late April to determine the district’s 6-8 national convention delegates) and the state convention (which votes in mid-June to determine the state’s remaining 15 pledged delegates).

Every state should have caucuses. On the same day as Iowa.

Piper Cub was fascinated!

And Mrs Cub says that now she understands why Big lost the caucus on “The Good Wife.”

Here’s something else to “discuss”: how is the “winner” of Iowa on the Democratic side going to be determined? has a story about the effect the O’Malley supporters could have; reportedly, there’s even an app the Clinton supporters can access where, if they enter the number of county delegates that caucus selects and how many people support each candidate, they can find out how many Clinton supporters can switch to O’Malley for the sole purpose of taking a county delegate away from Sanders.

That should be Mrs Piper

I had no idea Iowa is so close to Saskatchewan. They’re practically Minnesotans, according to Wiki!

Question: When are we going to see results tonight? I assume it will be different for each party because of their different procedures. But I don’t want to tune in until the numbers start to trickle in.

The last caucus “poll” closes at 9pm CST (they start at 7pm). Republican results might come sooner, because they do anonymous paper ballots. None of the viability/reshuffle actions of the Democratic caucus.

Both parties are using a new app made by Microsoft to report results.

FWIW, If you Google “iowa caucus results”, it looks they will have results posted.

Thanks- this will let me get my Supergirl fix before looking for results.

The Des Moines Register might even be a better source than the AP results that Google will use.