The iPhone is absolutely brilliant

I waited in line for about an hour at an AT&T store today, and bought one.

God-damn. This is absolutely the coolest, most intuitive, most functional piece of electronics I have ever seen. It’s not perfect, but my god…Apple hit the ball out of the park. Out of the freaking zip code. They are going to make a fortune.

The interface is as smooth and fluid as it is in the commercials. Hell, the commercials don’t do it justice. Everything “Just Works”. There was no hassle with AT&T sales drones in the store - I just walked in, gave them my credit card, and walked out with a sealed box. I got home, plugged it in, and iTunes popped up and gave me a choice of plans. I picked one, entered my old account information to transfer my number, clicked “Activate”, waited a minute (literally - all it took was a minute) - and it was done. The phone worked for outgoing calls immediately, and I got a message stating that my old number would be ported for incoming calls by 2 AM.

All my email accounts, bookmarks, etc. were transferred automatically. I could immediately read and send emails through all three of my accounts, including one which uses encrypted IMAP. The appropriate settings were extracted directly from my email app, signatures and all.

The screen is absolutely beautiful. It is blindingly bright, evenly lit, and high resolution. Text is crystal clear. The interface is absolutely amazing. You never find yourself wondering “How do I do this?” - it’s just obvious.

The keyboard does take a little getting used to, but once you do, it’s much faster than a conventional keyboard, because you don’t have to mash the buttons. The lightest touch is all it takes. The keyboard has intelligence built in - it knows the relative locations of keys and corrects typos automatically. If you’re typing a word that has only one reasonable completion (e.g. “indefatigable”) it secretly increases the size of the key that is next in the word so that it is easier to hit.

The internet over WiFI is great. Internet over EDGE is noticeably slower, but since we don’t get 3G out here in the sticks, that’s the state of the art at the moment anyway.

It’s not perfect - I found an odd glitch here and there. The screen gets smudgy. And it’s a little bit heavy. But who cares. It’s amazing. The hype was absolutely justified.

And so what are you going to do with it to change the world? I’m 45 this year, and wouldn’t have a fucking clue why this contraption is useful in any manner. Please elaborate. Seriously. You’re going to, what, watch a movie while commuting? Download songs while in public? Ahhhhh… I’m now completely dumbfounded as to what else you can do with this. Answer a phone call? We have machines that do this. Elaborate, please.

Like I said in some other thread: Apple=Mark of the Beast :wink:

And I go along gladly.

It’s not about changing the world. It just does basically everything you’d want a cell phone to do, and does it 100x better than any other product before has ever done.

You can access your email wherever you are. The entire internet, wherever you are. Google maps, wherever you are.

Why does he need to change the world with it? I hope I’m not supposed to change the world with my Wii…

That’s cool that you got one, Absolute. I really am intrigued by it, from what I’ve read and seen in commercials, but there’s no way I can bring myself around to forking out $500 for it.

As a side question: what are the phone plans/packages like? IOW, what kind of monthly fees are you looking at (if you don’t mind my asking)? That’s another factor that would play into my decision to actually get one.

It will be $60 / month for 450 minutes of voice, 250 text messages, 5000 night / weekend minutes, and unlimited data transfer. And “visual voicemail”, which I have not had a chance to try out yet, since my old number has not been ported.

On another thread, someone asked if you can fill out PDF forms. I know it can view PDFs, but am unsure about forms.

Did you post with your phone?


I’d get one in a heartbeat if it wasn’t a phone. I don’t want a phone.

I bet Apple would love it if you wrote a customer review for their website…

So are you at all bothered by the slow ATT network or the non-replaceability of the battery? What do you plan to do in a year or two when the battery needs to be replaced?

From what I’ve seen, they have only two packages: the $60 one and a $99 one. On top of that, they automatically lock you into a 2 year contract. That’s way too much for me, especially on top of the expense of the phone.

No official word on who is going to be selling it in Canada, but everyone expects that it will be Rogers, on accounta because they own the GSM network. It’s quad-band, right?

I so so wish that Apple had chosen to sell the thing unlocked and non-exclusive, so that it could be acquired from any store and used with a SIM card from any GSM network. Can you download your own programs onto it?

2 years flies by - believe me. And if you’re already an AT&T customer and happy with them, what;s the big deal about promising to stick around another two years (I’ve done that twice with Verizon when I bought new phones)

ArsTechnica thread:

Many people report that EDGE is faster than it was yesterday. Could be wishful thinking, coincidence, or something that actually happened.


I just have to back up the OP. He’s not exaggerating. I just got my iPhone a few hours ago, and it’s not hype. While EDGE is slower than WiFi, it’s certainly usable and seamlessly switches between the two.

Using it is bliss. All the eyecandy actually goes into making the device 100x more usable. It’s genuinely amazing. Go to the Apple store and see for yourself. Wonderful. I can’t remember the last time I was this enthralled by a piece of technology.

Holy fuck. It’s a … phone… thingy. I’m a dinosaur obviously.

According to what is supposed to be a leaked AT&T email, AT&T has been upgrading the network in preparation for the iPhone.

Oh, and Absolute and cmyk, you both suck! Can I play with the shiney? Please let me play with the shiney!

Try this. I don’t know if it would be exactly what you want, but it looks pretty cool and I think I may want one. I already have a phone, but a PDA/internet toy would be okay. Of course, my laptop is great for me, as well, but there are days when I don’t want to carry the whole thing with me.

Brendon Small

That’s…pretty interesting, yeah. Definitely something to look closer at.

I just got my new phone today…

A Nokia E62. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I just watched the entire video on Apple’s site, and more than once, gasped aloud. It looks very, very cool.