The Iranian twins death

I am saddened by the news of the Iranian twins death from surgery. Let me share briefly to you this story…

There is this pair of 29 year old Iranian twins who have been connected by the head since birth. They basically have 2 different bodies and head but it is stuck together. All their lives, they need to do everything together. They go to the toilet together, they eat together, they drive, they cycle ( one cycles and one stands at the side) they study together. However they are 2 very different characters that share very different ambitions and yet one same dream - that is to be seperated. One wanted to be a lawyer and one wanted to be a journalist. They approached German specialists on possibility for them to be seperated and was rejected as the german specialists said they will die. They came over to Spore several times and the surgeons here who have performed similar operations on such cases told them of the 50/50 chance of surviving.
This pair of Iranian twins with brave determination and full of hope and dreams insisted to have the operation done…The op lasted for 5 days and they passeed away last afternoon due to excessive loss of blood. We are all inspiried by their bravery and daring to live their dream. But, things did not turn out the way it should.

I hope this will inspire all to live life to the fullest like they did and never fear to reach out for your dreams…Cest la vie!!:wink:

God bless 'em… what a bitter-sweet choice they faced.

Apperently, the fluid pressure within their craniums was already 2.5 times higher than normal, which effectively meant that they HAD to have the surgery in the near future at any rate.

So in many respects, the cruel hand of fate was already lurking around the next corner for them sadly.

As I said, a bitter-sweet choice to have to make.

Poor things. God bless 'em.

They died in my country. I know the doctors tried their best. They made the choice, they knew the risks involved, and they didn’t have any regrets. I believe they died happily.

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