The Iraqis are coming!


Dimwit. The link speaks to a Saudi driven reformed class plan that does not, in the view of an American Muslim organization, go far enough in distancing itself from the nastier side of religious zealotry. Do actually read these links or do you just type frantically once you regain consciousness from your knee smacking your skull?

All I did was post a link. What the fuck is your problem?

I really love their apology. :rolleyes:

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You’d be wlecome in my home (when I finally stop rambling like I’ve been recently)

Honestly, assuming it’s a religious school, I’ve no particular issue with them teaching other religions are false (well…apart the issue I have more generally with teaching children that a given religion is true).

I’m not convinced a lot of sunday teachers tell the kids other religions are true and correct, so I’m not sure what’s the difference. Arguing that stating “our religion is the only true one” and “other religions are false” are two widely different statements seems like splitting hairs to me. When southern baptist ministers will begin to tell children that being muslim is just as good as being christian, then you’ll have a case.

You should be careful with this sort of comment. If followed too closely, it would mean that Vice President Cheney would need to be removed from office.

As to the kids in the American Saudi school: I don’t really see the issue. A group of Muslims are challenging the curriculum for not being sufficiently PC. Meanwhile, the curriculum that is actually presented is a perfect mirror for the curriculum that can be found in any number of Protestant schools (and could have been found in many Catholic schools through the 1950s), as well as a few public schools in the Bible Belt. Pat Robertson and his ilk make the claim that Islam is false on a regular basis.

So, basically, we have a group of Muslims who do not want their kids to be the Islamic equivalent of members of the Assembly of God churches. I don’t see the problem. (Even granting the the AG is AoG, I don’t think that AoG members are inherently hateful.)

The issue here is that some (large font for Aldebaran: SOME) practicers of Islam use such teachings to further their jihad. Having an Islamic school teach intolerance - if they indeed are - a few miles from the Pentagon is just as insensitive as a Councilman Brown refusing to let a group of Iraqis in city hall.

That’s definitely teaching religious intolerance. But it’s what most churches teach too. And some christians are going to use these teachings to justify the murder of doctors practising abortions, or the murder of gay people, etc… So, I don’t see the difference. Except if you want to forbid also the same kind of teachings in any school or church within a few miles of an abortion clinic or a gay bar.
Either you condemn all religions/preachers/schools teaching that their religion is the only true one, or you don’t condemn any.

Not a problem. For there to be “one true religion” there also has to be “one true God” and I’m pretty much agnostic.

Looks like could a bit more going on in the Islamic Saudi Academy than just the possible teachings of religious intolerance.