The Iraqis are coming!

Hide the wimmin an’ children!

Well, well. The State Department is sponsoring a trip for some Iraqis to learn more about the US government. Sounds like a neat idea, no? Well…

Plus, they might have cooties.

I hope you get your bigoted ass thrown out of office for this, Joe. Though, knowing that others share this prejudice, I’m not so sure that’ll happen.

Along with this little incident, it gives me great pride to say that I live here. :rolleyes:

Is this the guy?

I really hope the Democratic Party strongly condemns this.

Well, there’s always Beale Street.
That’s still fun, right?

Memphis? Sheesh, what next? Show them Toledo and Detroit so that when they go back they tell their friends as they duck gunfire, “Hey, you think we have it bad…”?

He’s black? And the Iraqis are here to learn about civil rights in the US?

That sound you hear is 400 million irony meters shattering at once.

Oh, a Democrat! Well, that makes it okay, then.

Actually, we imported quite a number of Iraqis (former INC members from the failed CIA backed coup attempt) to Dearborn Michigan right outside Detroit.

Am I missing something here? I don’t think it’s okay, and I think the Democratic Party should condemn this and he should issue an apology.

Of course, since I’ve yet to see any politician apologize for anything in either party, I won’t be holding my breath.

Yes, you’re missing something. Check the batteries on your sarcasmeter.

Don’t I know it! I work a stones throw from ‘Little Baghdad’. A little slice of home (for an Arab immigrant), right here in America. And as soon as they can afford to, they leave for the outer 'burbs. Sort of a ‘immigrant staging area’.

Actually they move to Oakland, I now a lot of Arabs in the area and nearly all of them are here via Dearborn. Must be nostalgic for the sounds of gunfire. :smiley:

Not only are the irony meter sirens going full blast, but the ignorance barometers look like fireworks.

Apparently word has not reached Councilman Brown that the terrorists that have attacked our country were not Iraqis. (How could he have gotten such a foolish misunderstanding?) There is no excuse for that level of stupidity being allowed to occupy a seat in city government.

He should resign immediately and The Commercial Appeal should publish his letter of apology and the mayor’s above the fold tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, overheah in Middle Tennessee, the Alabama Supreme Court Justice’s famed concrete monument to the violation of First Amendment Rights is about twenty miles from my door. The Ten Commandments are touring on a flatbed truck. (This time the viewing is in keeping with the laws of the country and not required by court order.)

And someone apparently representing the candidate running against my State Representative in the primary tomorrow called and left a recorded message wanting me to vote against the incumbent because she supports gay rights among other things.

I have developed a mild case of pneumonia, but I may drag myself to the polls just to do my part to try to keep her in office.

Oh we need a little Christmas right this very minute.

Tuckerfan, yuh fixin’ ta go over yonder ta the flatbed truck? I’d’ll be a right fir piece fer yuh. Mite be worth hit ta see whut God give Moses.

(Yes, sometimes I really talk this way to tease the Yanks. Mostly I sound like Scarlett. ;))

Know, whut? My docter, has got me on these antydeprezents an’ antyangziety pills, an’ iffi’n Ah was ta go downs thar ta see thyat, Ah’d go plum crayzy, an’ starts killin’ folks. If’n ya knows whut Ah’s means. :wink: (I’ve been here for almost 20 years now, and I can sound like the biggest hick in the state if I put my mind to it.)

It gets better:

Iraqi Delegation Robbed At Gunpoint in Memphis
Posted: 8/4/2004 9:21:24 PM
Two of the Iraqi delegates were robbed at gunpoint last night on Main Street in Downtown Memphis.

Meanwhile, we have children of Saudi diplomats allegedly being taught to hate Jews and Christians.

“See, Delegation Members, with our wonderful American system we don’t have to worry about things like looting and random street violence, like you folks are dealing with in your cities. Uh, wait a minute, check that.”

The only way this could get any better is if they were pulled over on the way to the airport for “driving suspiciously”.

Hail Jeff Olson to tell us The Truth about the cause of religious extrmism.

I do hope you don’t take yourself serious. I mean… How many Christians priests and other clergy tell people in their churches that Muslims are in agreement with Satan etc… Are they breeding extremism? I would say they do.
I have even very personal experiences with this. When I was a child a Catholic priest who tried to sell his religion to me said that Muhammed had been listening to Satan and that I would go to hell because I was not baptized and that my mother would go to hell also because she was married with a Muslim.

And I am so sorry to inform you about this, but Muslims believe indeed that Christians and Jews follow a distorted view. To translate that as “false religon” can easily be a “false translation” for “distorted”.
Did you read the Arabic text to see if it indeed says “false” instead of distorted or is this once agains an attempt to get a media hype about nothing?

You should also ask your government why they are such good friends with a false unislamic regime that with the help and under the umbrella of their Western friends can spread their criminal distortion of Islam, named Wahabbism.

Salaam. A

You are Martin Luther, and I claim my five pounds.

Oh well, nobody can say that these Iraqis didn’t get the full picture of the US style democracy.

Maybe I should jump across the ocean and pay the poor man a visit. Surely that would provoke him to die of fear instantly and the matter would be resolved.

This is the most funny thing I ever read on this message board. Can’t you post a few pictures of that moving show?
Salaam. A