The Irish Times is nailing it!

This is the second political commentary, on US politics, article I’ve read by this fellow that is on the mark.

To be honest, this one is more unsettling than the last!

Give it a read.

I remember-- his earlier article was dynamite!

What was the first article?

I agree, he is engaging in undemocratic and cruel trial balloons against out groups so he can start doing them more and more against more people.

That’s a good article, but it’s almost exactly 2 years old.
What does he think of Trump’s popularity today?

I can’t recall the title, but if you search, it’s about how USA is now pitied by much of the world.

Unfortunately, The Irish Times has a firewall, but you can access his articles by searching his name, I believe.

An Irish journalist is doing what the American press should be doing!

The last I read was the aforementioned, ‘USA once respected, now object of pity’, article. That was most recent, I believe.

Oh please. Plenty of American journalists have called trump out.

Not as pointedly, as well, or as consistently, as this fellow has, in my opinion.
YMMV, of course.

I would have to agree with DrDeth: there have been a number of journalists or news outlets who’ve expressed grave concerns about this era of politics and the decline of institutions.

Unfortunately, there is a concurrent wave of counter-factual information that is increasingly pervasive, as are the anti-factual information cottages and communities that exist on social media. People are able to amplify misinformation and socially corrosive ideas much more than they ever could in the past, and all of this competes with facts and quality information for our attention.

I’m certain you’re both right, I’d forgotten that upon his election I began avoiding most US news outlets. I mean, every outlet covers his antics, but mostly it’s snippets and sound bites. So I am indeed underexposed to comparable US pieces.

Still think it was worth a read.

Here’s a more recent piece by him